Jason Burrill Shirtless: Celebrity Muscles on Big Brother UK

Jason Burrill Shirtless, Ex-Charlie, and Other Stuff. This post is for those of you who – like us – are appreciating the hunky manliness of Big Brother UK’s Jason Burrill. Now, that’s a man’s man. No wonder his ex-girlfriend Charlie Doherty — who is also cast in Big Brother among The Others — is still pining for him, is talking about Jason as the one who got away, and tattling to people about her ex’s impressive package.

jason burrill big brother muscle

Charlie sure is a kiss-and-teller. Here are some choice quotes from her about Jason:

On wanting him back: “I’ll be honest I do wanna be back with him. It’ll be my biggest regret if we never sorted it out because it’d be like the one who got away.”

“I want to go into [the house] and see what happens. I want to see if the dynamics have changed. He might hate me or he might think things are alright.

“I don’t know what will happen. I just want to be back with him because he’s a lovely guy. He’s an amazing person. It’ll be my biggest regret if we don’t work it out.”

On the size of his manhood: “Has no one talked about the size of his conker? 10 and a half [in]”.

But enough with Charlie because, after all, this post is about Jason Burrill. Did you know that he was a double for Dave Bautista on James Bond: Spectre? Here’s a pic of the two:

jason burrill body double for dave bautista

This is a hold-up! I want to see your package!

jason burrill hot hunk

Now, here are the Jason Burrill shirtless photos you’ve been looking for. [Want more celebrity muscles?]

jason burrill shirtless body

Aside from being movie double, property developer, and salon owner, our Jason is also a male model!

jason burrill shirtless

Let’s end this post with a quote from the man himself talking about, well, himself: “I may look like a thug that sounds like Danny Dyer crossed with Frank Bruno but I’ve been told I’m actually just a big marshmallow with a pet Shitzu.”

How cool is he with a quote like that? No wonder Charlie still is in love with him!!!