Jordan Buhat Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background

jordan buhat abs

Jordan Buhat Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background. If you’re watching the TV show Grown-ish the you’re already familiar with Jordan Buhat who plays Vivek Shaw on the show. If you haven’t seen the series yet, well, say hi to our sculpted Filipino Canadian actor. Oh, and go watch the critically acclaimed dramedy on Freeform.

Vernon Davis Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

vernon davis shirtless workout

Vernon Davis Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Of the celebrities announced to have been cast on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, the one we are most looking forward to is retired football star Vernon Davis. The folks at are putting him in the bottom half on their list of contestants who are likely to win the competition. We think they are underrating the guy.

Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders

beefy muscle men of hollywood steve reeves hercules

Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders. After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is there any other Hollywood actor, particularly among the up-and-coming set, who have the physique of stocky muscled men in the mold of sculpted celebrities in the past?

Teacher Stud of the Day: Prof Ruggero Freddi, PhD in Math

hot college professor - ruggero freddi sapienza university

Teacher Stud of the Day: Professor Ruggero Freddi. Look who’s got himself a PhD degree? It’s our favorite Math professor that’s who — Ruggero Freddi aka the teaching stud formerly known as Carlo Massi. Wikipedia says the brainy Italian hunk was awarded his doctorate in 2020 — specifically a Ph.D. in Mathematical Models for Engineering, Electromagnetism and Nanosciences — but other reports state that he got his degree earlier so we are a little bit confused.

Daniele Montana Italian Model: Overweight to Sculpted Muscle God

daniele montana fat to hot after body building

Daniele Montana Hot Italian Model and Bodybuilder. We are on a quest to update the posts we wrote a decade ago to see how the subjects we wrote about are doing now. Daniele appears to no longer be doing the kind of movies he used to do and is not active on social media.

Zeb Atlas Muscle Hunk is a Recording Artist Too

zeb atlas muscle hunk as roman gladiator

Zeb Atlas Muscle Hunk (throwback post, originally published 20 December 2008). With all the muscles carefully and meticulously sculpted in his body, Zeb Atlas certainly looks like he can live up to the reputation of his namesake, no? Well, no human can really be as strong as mythological gods and titans but it would be cool to see a photo of the the model/actor carrying the world like the way Atlas does.