James Anderson Menswear Collection 2015: Chess London | 613collection

Look who apparently launched his own menswear collection? It’s our favorite shirtless cricket hunk, James Anderson. Remember him, Famewatchers with amnesia? He’s the guy who posed in the buff for the gay magazine, Attitude.

Here’s one of his Attitude pics which we sort of covered up so as not to scandalize our grandmama.

james anderson shirtless - gay attitude magazine

Well, hello there, Mr. Shirtless James Anderson With Chest Hair! Pic is from a photoshoot for the Give Up Clothes for Good, a campaign to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

james anderson body - chest hair - give up clothes

Now, here’s our favorite photo of James. We guess you get the reason why we are love, love, loving this pic. We love us our men in all-white clothes, that’s why.


Okay, enough with the preliminaries. Let’s check out the James Anderson menswear collection which he launched in collaboration with Chess London. Our favorite of the pieces is this form-fitting indigo shirt. If this don’t look good on your man, we’re afraid no clothes will. Joke. Joke.

James Anderson Menswear - indigo shirt

What say you of the blazer below? We think its sexy and fabulous.

James Anderson Menswear - Rydal Graphite Blazer - 195 GBP

James gets wet to model his form-fitting shirt.

james anderson menswear collection

Who would not want to get wet with this guy?

james anderson menswear

James is reportedly very much involved with designing his menswear collection. He says in a story published on chesslondon.com:

I have been heavily involved in the whole process, from initial sketches and compiling the mood board to designing each piece and editing the collection, which has been an incredible experience. The results are fantastic and I am so proud to have been part of this collaboration with Chess London.

James Anderson tells us more about his new fashion line, which is apparently also available at 613collection.com, in an interview with menswearstyle.co.uk:

How did your collaboration with Chess London come about?
“Two years ago, James from Chess London contacted me for a photo shoot with them and a few months ago I had a chat about designing my own clothes with them and here we are!”

Do you have a favourite part of the range?
“Yes. We’ve got a 3 piece suit that I love, in a checked material. Chess London is something I wear myself, the fit is different to a lot of different brands as it’s an athletic cut and I think it suits me.”

Who is the clothing range aimed at?
“Good question! Young athletic guys; trying to be cool and trendy I guess! There are some casual pieces, smart casual and some just smart so we tried to create a wide range. There is something for everyone regardless of your age, it’s not particularly targeted at just young people. I hope it will be well liked.”

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to see wearing it?

Did you have a lot of say in your range?
“Yeah I was asked which colours and styles I wanted, picked about 12-14 items and it was really hard to narrow down from about 40 samples, I’ve really enjoyed the process of changing a few things and working with Chess London on this.”