Jack Reynor Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend?

Jack Reynor Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend? Look who’s about to break out as a young big Hollywood star! It’s 20-year old Irish actor Jack Reynor. He was picked by director Michael Bay to star in the next installment of Transformers or that franchise where cars turn into big mean fighting robot machines.

jack reynor hot irish hunk

Writes Bay about Jack on his website: “I just hired a great new actor for Transformers 4 to star against Mark Wahlberg. Jack Reynor, he is an Irish kid that came to America with 30 bucks in his pocket. Pretty ballsy. Seriously who does that? Anyway I spotted him in a great little Irish movie WHAT RICHARD DID. This kid is the real deal.”

If that is not a great endorsement of an actor, we don’t know what is.

Anyhoo, just how big a star will Jack Reynor become? Oh, he’s gonna be big. We’re talking Chris Hemsworth when he became Thor big. Or Andrew Garfield when he became the Amazing Spiderman big — wanna see Andrew Garfield Underwear. Or Liam Hemsworth and Josh Richardson of The Hunger Games big. Currently, Jack’s Twitter followers number only around 1,500 but we expect that to blow up within the year.

Since he is a relatively new actor, we know that some of you are asking questions about him such as:

How tall is Jack Reynor? According to his IMDB profile, our Irish hunk is 6 feet tall (or 1.83 meters for non-Americans).

What kind of a man is he? Dude, how would we know that! He’s a newcomer in the Famewatching scene so we hardly know him. But since you asked, we’re gonna answer your question by looking at his zodiac sign. Haha. We’re just doing this for fun, okay. Anyhoo, since he’s born 23 January 1992, our Jack is an Aquarius. According to psychicguild.com, an Aquarius guy is like this:

Those born under the sign of Aquarius not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along. They are ‘mind oriented’ individuals, whose thoughts never stop tick-tocking over.

Because of their high focus on intellectual exploration, many inventors, eccentrics and highly original trailblazers are born under this sign. Their intense ability to live on many mental levels, holds both pain and pleasure for Aquarians.

For example, in the American Hall of Fame there are more Aquarians than any other sign, yet statistics reveal that in mental institutions there are more Aquarians than any other sign too. Many extremes can surround this sign and these extremes can take them to both heaven and hell.

Hmm, that’s an interesting tidbit about Aquarians having the most numbers in the Hall of Fame as well as in mental institutions, no? Should we take this seriously? Of course not!

Does Jack have a girlfriend? In real life? We don’t know. In Transformers 4, he will reportedly have a girlfriend who’s the daughter of the Mark Wahlberg character in the movie. Jack had a date during a recent red carpet event. Maybe she is his girlfriend?

jack reynors girlfriend or maybe just a friend

Do we have some Jack Reynor shirtless photos? You silly, you. You’re lucky we do. Jack’s gone shirtless in this scene from What Richard Did, the movie that got him noticed by Michael Bay.

Jack Reynor shirtless with Roisin-Murphy in what richard did

Does he have underwear photos? We can’t find anything on the internets so far. We hope Michael Bay will remedy that situation for Jack’s soon-to-be legion of girl and gay fans. Rest assured that we will upload any underwear pic of the up-and-coming actor once we do come across any.

Is Jack Reynor gay? Eh! You gotta ask that, don’t you? The answer: We don’t know and we don’t care. But if you believe the silly Malaysian Ministry of Education which recently said that wearing V-Neck shirts is a sign of gayness, then the pic below might be a source of hope to those who, for whatever reason, want Jack to be a friend of Dorothy.

jack reynor gay - with director leonard abrahamson at tiff

That’s Jack Reynor and Director Leonard Abrahamson, director of What Richard Did, at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Jack Reynor Shirtless Update (2017): Who wants more Jack Reynor shirtless photos. Like his shirtless pic above, these images are screencapped from his movie, What Richard Did.

jack reynor hot

jack reynor shirtless

jack reynor shirtless body

jack reynor topless

Want more Irish hunks?

Jack Reynor Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend? Posted 15 January 2013.