Iker Casillas Shirtless Spanish Football Hunk in Speedos

Iker Casillas Shirtless Spanish Football Hunk in Speedos. How hot is Spanish football hunk Iker Casillas? He is soooo hot that, if he didn’t choose to be a football player and decided instead to be a male model, he’d be on top of the modeling world like our favorite model David Gandy. You agree, right?

iker casillas shirtless body

Here’s a shirtless Iker Casillas wearing jeans and a peekabo underwear which kinda/sorta looks like Dolce and Gabbana.

Iker Casillas as a male model

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, the first pic above is also a modeling pic. Apparently, our Spanish cutie inked a contract this year to be the new face of Head and Shoulders. Here’s a video commercial for the shampoo brand featuring our 31-year old goalkeeper.

Does the name “Iker” mean anything? We’re told it means “visit” or “visitation”. Incidentally, it’s one of the fastest growing name for boys these past few years not only in the United States but in the rest of the world. Not unexpectedly, the growing popularity of the name “Iker” is mainly attributed to our Spanish hunk.

Now, for those of you who are wondering how to pronounce Iker’s name, the correct way to say it is [EE-keer]. So don’t pronounce it like “Ike” with an “r”.

Anyhoo, enough with what names mean and how names are pronounced, let’s check out what Iker looks like when he was younger, shall we?

iker casillas young - shirtless

Not surprisingly, he was a cutie back then. And he still is. Check him out with some really huge trophies wearing nothing but his underwear.

Iker Casillas shirtless - underwear only - football trophy

Is that Gerard Pique? Awww, what a cute couple! See more of Gerard in an earlier post we published years ago: Gerard Pique Underwear.

iker casillas no clothes - si gerard pique ba ito

Kevin’s favorite photo of Iker is the last one below. Clearly, he needs some “tanning time” at the beach, no?

iker casillas speedo

Does Iker have a girlfriend? Yes he does. He’s been dating Spanish journalist and TV host Sara Carbonero since 2009. She’s a pretty girl. Check her out wearing a gorgeous brown Lacoste leather jacket.

Iker Casillas Shirtless Spanish Football Hunk in Speedos. Posted 8 March 2013.