Hot Ginger Men in Underwear: Models and Celebrities

Hot Ginger Men in Underwear. Want more shirtless redheads? Well, we are giving you more. This time, your hot ginger men are modeling underwear. How hawt or how cool is that?

So let’s start our list of hot ginger men in underwear with probably the most famous ginger of them all, actor Michael Fassbender. Don’t ask us why he is posing in his long johns underwear coz we tried looking for the answer but we didn’t find any.

ginger male underwear model - michael fassbender in long johns

The next redhead in our list is Benjamin Martin. If he kinda looks familiar, you might have seen him in some adult films as Blu Kennedy. Benjamin is wearing a pair of Dior Homme swim briefs in this photo we “borrowed” from Out Magazine.

ginger male underwear model - blu kennedy - benjamin martin dior homme

An undershirt is also an underwear right? Here’s male fashion model Marc Goldfinger wearing a black tank top undershirt.

ginger mens underwear models - marc goldfinger in undershirt

Underwear model Roy T is wearing a pair of Supawear Supafly trunk. Photo from Underwear Nation. [Sorry. We deleted Roy’s photo because we had to.]

Now the next photo below is what prompted us to write this post on redhead hunks. The ginger model’s name, for those of you wondering, is Jake Hold. He is posing for a 2016 Ginger Hunks calendar which you should buy to support the redhead community. Photo by Thomas Knight.


And here’s another redhead model in a pair of white briefs underwear.

hot ginger men in underwear briefs

Lastly, Irish rugby player Tadhg Leader loves him his Bjorn Borg boxer briefs underwear. Are they camping or something?

hot ginger men underwear - Tadhg Leader - irish rugby player - bjorn borg underwear

So which of these redhead hunks is your favorite? Probably you are one of those who’d like to bring Fassbender home to mama?

For her part, Deena insists that Michael Fassbender is not the “most famous ginger of them all”. She adds that the title belongs to Prince Harry aka the Fun Loving Ginger Member of the British Royal Family.

Deena has a point, of course. But Prince Harry’s fame came from simply being a royal. In contrast, Michael became famous through his hard work. And if we have to pick between one who inherited his fame against one who worked for it, we’d choose the latter.  Probably you agree with us rather than Deena? Who do you pick as the most famous ginger: Fassbender or Prince Harry?