Henrik Lundqvist Shirtless, Underwear, Bread and Boxers Model

Henrik Lundqvist Shirtless, Underwear, Bread and Boxers Model (posted 7 February 2015). Time for more hockey hotties. This time, let’s focus on New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. He’s in the news these days because of a vascular injury sustained during a recent match with the Carolina Hurricanes. Apparently, this injury is so bad it will sideline the hockey star for the next three weeks.

From the statement released by the NY Rangers HQ: “Henrik Lundqvist suffered a vascular injury on Saturday. We have been conferring with leading medical experts to ensure the best possible care. Henrik will remain sidelined at least three weeks, until he is revaluated and we have completed the process of conferring with the medical experts.”

That’s kinda bad, no? Let’s hope he recovers well and that he come backs with a bang!

Henrik Lundqvist Shirtless Photos. Anyhoo, because we are all about shirtlessness here at Famewatcher, here are some shirtless photos of the 32-year-old hockey hunk.

In 2005, he posed shirtless for a charity calendar. What a gorgeous guy! Want more hot hockey players?

henrik lundqvist shirtless - 2005 calendar2

In 2014, he signed on as a celebrity spokesmodel for a Swedish apparel brand called Bread and Boxers. Here’s a shirtless Henrik during a photoshoot for the brand:

henrik lundqvist bread and boxers underwear2a

And here’s the Bread and Boxers ad as displayed in a store:

henrik lundqvist bread and boxers underwear

He’s very hot and very manly, no? Want more Swedish mean’s underwear? Go check out this Bjorn Borg underwear line.

What prompted the multi-awarded Swedish hockey star to sign on with Bread & Boxers? Here’s what he told Women’s Wear Daily: “I always wanted to be involved in building a brand, but the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself until now. The line is beautiful and comfortable — essential, really — which is what attracted me to Bread & Boxers. I wore the products and loved them. It’s that simple. [It’s] styled with a clean, Swedish aesthetic, so the pieces are perfect for me whether I’m traveling city-to-city for hockey, or just enjoying my time in New York City. Sport and style are both important aspects of my lifestyle.”

We tried looking for Henrik modeling Bread & Boxers underwear but, sadly, we didn’t find any. But here are some male models to show us what the brand’s products are like.

henrik lundqvist bread and boxers underwear - model not hl

Sleep well, Mr. Model, Bread & Boxers have got you covered.

henrik lundqvist bread and boxers underwear - model not hl3

Here’s Henrik looking cool in his Bread & Boxers tees and jeans.

henrik lundqvist bread and boxers underwear4

Want to know more about Henrik’s fashion style and choices? Here’s what he told the Mr. Porter Style Council back in 2012. It is important to note that this was before Henrik discovered the awesomeness of Bread & Boxers.

VACATION CHOICE: I love going back to Sweden during the summer.
TOP CITY: New York City. You have everything you’ll ever need.
TYPE OF BAG: A Prada hanging bag for suits on the road.
FAVOURED BRAND: Tiger of Sweden and Calvin Klein Underwear.
ESSENTIAL WARDROBE ITEM: Suits. I need to wear them and I love to wear them.
STYLE ICON: Frank Sinatra.
STYLE TIP: Less is more.
TAILOR: A lot is sent from Sweden, but I have a tailor two blocks from my New York apartment.
BEST SHIRT BRAND: Atlas Design. Swedish shirts, love the fit.
FAVOURITE SUIT: I wear a lot of different brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Tiger of Sweden.
JEANS BRAND: Skinny jeans.
UNDERWEAR CHOICE: Boxer briefs, Calvin Klein Underwear and John Ward underwear.
PREFERRED JACKET STYLE: High collar and tight-fitted coats.
SHOE MAKER: Ferragamo black dress shoes.
FAVOURITE GROOMING PRODUCT: American Crew hair wax, because it keeps my hair in place.
DREAM CAR: Bugatti.
FAVOURITE ALBUM: Foo Fighters, Skin and Bones, because it is all acoustic.

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