Bjorn Borg Underwear Male Models

Bjorn Borg Underwear Male Models. Okay, we think its time to do another post on Bjorn Borg’s underwear. No it’s not Bjorn himself in his underwear (that would be awesome, no?); rather, we’re talking about the tennis champ’s famous underwear line.

bjorn borg underwear male models are sexy

Whether you’re a boxers guy or a briefs guy, Bjorn has the right underwear for you. Enjoy.

bjorn borg underwear male models

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Sports Underwear for Men: Bjorn Borg Underwear – Briefs and Boxer Shorts
01 August 2010

The world of sports would be way cooler (or hotter) if athletes, like these male models playing tennis, are made to compete in their underwear, no? We’re pretty sure tennis great Bjorn Borg will never run out of design ideas on how to make sports underwear for men.

bjorn borg underwear male model for sporty men

Tough competition make male athletes see the world as a blur.

hot bjorn borg underwear male model

sexy bjorn borg underwear male model

Bjorn Borg Underwear: Male Models in Boxers
15 October 2009


When we first heard about Bjorn Borg launching an underwear and clothing line we went, “Bjorn, Bjorn, we admire you a lot, please don’t dabble in things you don’t know about. You might fail and those silly fashion gatekeepers like Wolfgang Joop might laugh at you.”

That was a few years ago. Well, well, as it turns out it seems like Bjorn is going to have the last laugh as his underwears are reportedly going strong. Good for you, Bjorn. Now what about coming up with tennis shoes like the FiveFingers running shoes? If it becomes a hit, you should give us some cut for giving you the idea :-)

Update: Now, wouldn’t it be cool if the tennis superstar-turned-designer himself played in the tennis courts in his underwear? Here’s a fan-generated image of our Swedish hunk doing just that.

bjorn born tennis underwear

Question: Is that Martina Navratilova in the background? You know, the one crossing her arms?

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