Hockey NHL Players Underwear and Speedos: Who’s the Hottest?

ryan kesler underwear - American professional ice hockey center for the Vancouver Canucks

Hockey Players in Underwear. What kind of underwear do hockey players on the National Hockey League (NHL) wear? Well if you ask Lululemon CEO Christine Day, she’d tell you that professional hockey athletes are wearing her brand’s boxer briefs but “they just can’t talk about it in public because of pre-existing sponsorship deals.”

Jonathan Roy Shirtless, Girlfriend Lydia Marzano, Hockey Singer

jonathan roy shirtless body2

Jonathan Roy and Girlfriend Lydia Marzaro Are Engaged. Apparently, our favorite ex-hockey player turned singer has gotten himself engaged last year to a girl named Lydia Marzaro. According to via Google Translate, Jonathan “asked for his sweetheart’s hand on the beach at Pismo Beach in California, where there are magnificent sunsets.” The report adds that the two have no date yet on when they are going to tie the knot.

Henrik Lundqvist Shirtless, Underwear, Bread and Boxers Model

henrik lundqvist bread and boxers underwear2a

Henrik Lundqvist Shirtless, Underwear, Bread and Boxers Model. Time for more hockey hotties. This time, let’s focus on New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. He’s in the news these days because of a vascular injury sustained during a recent match with the Carolina Hurricanes. Apparently, this injury is so bad it will sideline the hockey star for the next three weeks.

Auston Matthews Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

auston matthews body - hot hockey player - maple leafs

Auston Matthews Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Four years later, we are updating this post on the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey star to note that he ain’t dating Emily Ruttledge anymore. They broke up apparently and he went on to date a model named Jordyn Johnson but that has also ended. We do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment or whether he is enjoying the benefits of blessed singlehood such us chillin’ with the bros.

Mantas Armalis Underwear Model, Pro Hockey Player, Girlfriend

mantas armalis underwear model for versace pro hockey player

Mantas Armalis Underwear Model, Pro Hockey Player, Girlfriend. It’s taken a long time coming but we are updating this post to note that our model/professional hockey player is actually not from Scandinavia. He is from Lithuania which is part of the Baltic States. Clearly we do not know our European geography, no?