Sharon Stone Anti-Aging Secret: Youthful at 50

Sharon Stone Anti-Aging Secret? Fifty-one-year old Sharon Stone is back in the limelight and it looks like she hasn’t aged at all. So what’s her anti-aging secret? Here’s what we came up with as possible explanations.

  • Like Keanu Reeves in that Devil movie (sorry, we forgot the title of the movie), she sold her sold to the devil so she could stay young forever.
  • She drank a lot of wine or ate a lot of grapes which gave her a lot of resveratrol which is keeping her youthful.
  • Like Courtney Love, she’s been taking genotropin which supposedly has anti-aging effects.
  • She found the fountain of youth, and by that we mean glycerol [see accompanying article below].
  • She has had a ribbon lift like Madonna.
  • She eats cub-flesh like Madonna.
  • Organic food, deep breathing, and exercise.
  • Dude, what’s all these talk about Sharon Stone anti-aging secret because she looks young in her 50s? That’s just the magic of airbrushing and photoshop.

So which of the above could be the Sharon Stone anti-aging secret? Can any of them explain her eternally youthful look?

sharon stone anti-aging secret

Anyhoo, here are some more pics from Sharon from her Paris Match Magazine cover. We must say that she has done a better job of looking young than Madonna. UPDATE: Sorry, we had to delete the saucy pics.

Anti-Aging Tips: Is Glycerol the Fountain of Youth?
12 May 2009

Did some University of Southern California (USC) scientists (Valter Longo, Min Wei, and Paola Fabrizio) discover the “fountain of youth”? If they did, then Ponce de Leon made a really big mistake when he went looking for a literal fountain. He should have explored the food he was eating instead. No big secret, huh?

Anyways, according to a study by said USC researchers, glycerol has a powerful anti-aging effect — in yeast.

According to a UPI report:

“Yeast cells maintained on a glycerol diet live twice as long as normal — as long as yeast cells on a severe caloric-restriction diet — and are more resistant to cell damage.”

Our attempt of translating said research result: No need to restrict your diet anymore, you figure-conscious celebrities and non-celebrities, you can achieve the same thing by sticking to a glycerol diet.

More from UPI:

The scientists said their study is the first to propose that “dietary substitution” can replace “dietary restriction” in a living species. “If you add glycerol, or restrict caloric intake, you obtain the same effect,” said senior author Valter Longo. “It’s as good as calorie restriction, yet cells can take it up and utilize it to generate energy or for the synthesis of cellular components.”

If the research is validated, expect some glycerol diet fad coming up in the future.