Greg Rutherford: Shirtless British Redhead is an Olympic Gold Medalist

Update: The Greg Rutherford underwear photos that some of us Famewatchers have been hoping for. Are you happy now, Deena? You should be. Haha. Here he is jumping in his Nike Pro boxer shorts.

gred rutherford underwer - bike pro

He’s understandably proud of his medal and his country.

Greg Rutherford Underwear - English Olymppian in Boxers

Greg Rutherford is looking good in his Union Jack boxer briefs, isn’t he?

Greg Rutherford Underwear - Union Jack Boxer Briefs

By the way, the Daily Mail is reporting that our ginger hunk broke up with his girlfriend, Liz Rose, who’s reportedly a fashion PR guru. So, nope he’s not gay. Maybe you’re mistaking him for his doppelganger Neil Patrick Harris.

British ginger hunk Greg Rutherford looks good shirtless although he does need a little more melanin. What about tanning a little, honey? Oh wait, the sun hates redheads. A little moment under the sun gives them freckles, sunburn, and skin cancer. So let’s give Greg a pass if he kinda looks like Edward Cullen in terms of the pastiness of their skin. Haha.

Anyhoo, for those of you who are not into the London Olympics, Greg is a British athlete who bagged the gold medal in the long jump event. Yay! He’s number one!

He became something of an international sensation in the internets, crossing over from the sports page to the would-you-believe-it page, because he looks really really like another famous redhead, Neil Patrick Harris a.k.a Doogie Howser a.k.a. Barney Stinson.

Someone should arrange a meeting between Greg and NPH. And they should throw in another famous ginger too, Prince Harry. Speaking of the Prince, we’re afraid we’re gonna ditch him as our imaginary ginger boyfriend because we’re now going with Greg. Haha. Unless, of course, both of them doesn’t mind being in a menage a trois in which case we’d not be ditching anyone. Don’t judge us. Who wouldn’t love to be at the center of a threesome that involves a real prince and an Olympic gold medalist. But we have to familiarize our ears with the British accent. Hehehe.

Enough with our foolish imaginary celebrity relationships. Let’s talk numbers, shall we? According to wiki, Greg is the second British guy to win an Olympic gold medal in the long jump. The first one who bagged the gold for the event is a dude named Lynn Davies who accomplished the feat in 1964. Greg’s winning jump of 8.31 meters is the lowest since 1972 but his second best jump (8.21 meters) would have also won him the gold. In other words, Greg’s gold is aided by the general “suckiness” of his opponents. But that’s what happens in competitions. Congratulations Mr. Rutherford.

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