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Froy Guttierez Shirtless Update. We are updating this post to bring you more fab photos of Froy particularly these magazine pics of him rocking his tank top shirts. Kinda old school Hollywood, no? Reminds us of Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire. Anyhoo, first photo is from Man About Town while the next one is from Mood Magazine.

froy gutierrez hot in tanktop and jeans - man about town

froy gutierrez hot in tanktop and jeans

And here are some shirtless still images of the actor from his 2020 movie Initiation:

froy gutierrez shirtless body

froy gutierrez underwear - speedo in initiation

froy gutierrez shirtless in initiation

On the relationship front, he may or may not be dating actor Richard Madden who was previously rumored to be in a relationship with Brandon Flynn. Froy and Richard have been seen vacationing together and they reportedly quarantined in London together at the height of the pandemic.

froy gutierrez richard madden boyfriend

froy gutierrez gay boyfriend richard madden

Career-wise, the now 24-year-old actor has been very busy since the last time we blogged about him. Aside from Initiation, he is one of the main cast of the TV series Cruel Summer on Freeform which has been renewed for a second season. He will also be appearing in the upcoming sequel of Hocus Pocus.

froy gutierrez cruel summer with nathaniel ashton

Froy Gutierrez Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend? (22 September 2016) Are you looking for an imaginary Latino boyfriend? Well, check out up-and-coming Latino American actor Froy Gutierrez. We, Famewatchers, were introduced to him on the funny Netflix show One Day at a Time. But he’s also been busy doing other projects such as Teen Wolf, The Goldbergs, Bella and the Bulldogs, and the movie A Cowgirls Story which was released in April this year.

Froy is a newcomer in showbiz and, in an interview with, he tells us how he became an actor:

Prune: You are a new face in the industry. Take me back to where it all began.
Froy: Oh my gosh, what a question. In middle school, I quit the swim team because I wanted more time to study, but ended up having too much free time. I signed up for a play, an agent saw me and it kind of snowballed. I did some small audition tapes, and now I’m on Teen Wolf.

Unfortunately, Teen Wolf is ending this season so we won’t be seeing more of him on the MTV show. On the other hand, One Day at a Time was renewed by Netflix so keep your fingers crossed that we’ll continue to see him on the sitcom.

Froy Gutierrez Shirtless Photos. Here are some shirtless pics of our Latino cutie. Hmm. He kinda looks like Dylan Sprayberry, no? Don’t you just love his freckles? Want more Latino hunks like Froy?

Froy Gutierrez gay or girlfriend

Froy Gutierrez shirtless

Froy Gutierrez body shirtless

Froy Gutierrez teen wolf hunk

Froy Gutierrez underwear boxers or briefs

Froy Gutierrez Gay or Girlfriend? Is Froy Gutierrez gay or straight? We are pretty sure he is straight. What is his current relationship status? Is he single or does he have a girlfriend? Well, dating history website states that Froy is “possibly single” at the moment. Yay. Maybe we should start a rumor that he is dating this girl? Hehe.

Froy Gutierrez girlfriend lilimar hernandez

For those who are wondering, the girl with Froy is his Bella and the Bulldogs co-star Lilimar Hernandez.

Froy Gutierrez hot

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