Edward Norton Underwear and Jacket in Birdman: Movie Fashion Watch

Edward Norton Underwear and Jacket in Birdman: Movie Fashion Watch (posted 9 June 2015, updated). Initially, our plan was to blog only about Edward Norton’s Birdman jacket but Deena convinced us to also blog about his underwear because, to borrow her words, “people are more interested in underwear much more than they are interested in some effin’ movie jacket”. Hehe.

We don’t necessarily agree with her but there’s no harm in talking also about this Edward Norton Birdman underwear, no?

ed norton birdman underwear

Ain’t that fun? We must admit that we were not able to watch Birdman so we have no clue as to what Ed and Michael Keaton are doing in the pic above.

ed norton birdman underwear2

Another view of the Edward Norton Birdman underwear. Deena says it looks more of a panty than a man’s underwear. Hehe. She kinda has a point, no? If he is indeed wearing a panty, he won’t be the first man to do so. Check out, for instance, an earlier post on male lingerie.

Enough with Ed’s Birdman panty. Let’s now talk about his cool jacket. Now, this is the kind of jacket we would wear if we want to do an Indiana Jones and go some exploring in the forest.

ed norton birdman jacket

For those of you wondering, this is an Osklen field jacket. It was re-released when Birdman hit the theaters and people were wondering where to buy one for themselves. More about this jacket from the mouth of Ed Norton himself (via fancy.com):

I met Oskar Metsavaht at the Rio Climate Conference and we realized we were both environmental activists and surfers and became friends right away. I loved his Osklen board shorts and hoodies but my favorite piece was this great jacket. Like something Che Guevara would have worn on a brisk day in Paris.

I wore it all the time and when we started rehearsals for ‘Birdman’, our director Alejandro Innaritu said ‘I fucking love that coat…you look like the artist I want to be in that coat…that should be Shiner’s uniform’ I agreed and we put it in the film. Alejandro wanted one. So did Chivo, the greatest cinematographer alive. Then so did a writer friend of mine. Everybody…men and women…started asking me ‘what’s that coat?’

So I said to Oskar, “Why don’t we turn this into something positive?”

Osklen had stopped making the coat but Oskar agreed to make a new special edition run of the coat that we’re calling ‘The Shiner’.

My friend Joe at Fancy, where I always find the most unique and best stuff, said ‘Let’s offer it here.’

Better yet, every dollar from the purchase of this special edition is being contributed by Osklen and Fancy to one of the greatest environmental protection and sustainable development projects on the planet…one I’ve been involved with for 12 years: The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Let’s take a closer look at Edward Norton’s The Shiner Osklen jacket, shall we?

edward norton osklen jacket

Now, that’s a smart, chic, and functional jacket.

edward norton birdman - the shiner jacket by osklen

According to Norton, this jacket is made of “cotton twill with elastane (98% cotton/2% elastane), which ensures flexibility and comfort”. Unfortunately, for those of you wondering, this jacket is now sold out. Keep your fingers crossed that they will re-release it in the future.

Edward Norton Underwear: Boxers or Briefs (05 February 2009). Does Edward Norton wear boxers or briefs underwear? Well, we do not know what he wears in real life but in the troubling movie that is American History X, he was wearing a pair of white boxer shorts.

Here are screencaps from the movie which you should watch because it’s really, really good.

edward norton boxer shorts

Want more men in boxer shorts?

edward norton underwear boxer shorts american history x

edward norton underwear boxer shorts american history x2

edward norton white boxer shorts underwear

By the way, did you watch Edward’s breakout movie, Primal Fear? We thought he was a teenager at that time but we found out later that he was on his 20s. If that isn’t a mark of excellent acting, we don’t know what is. We hope he gets more projects cause we haven’t heard from him for some time now.

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