Dr. Travis Stork Shirtless Photos: The Bachelor and The Doctors

Dr Travis Stork Shirtless Photos. Not surprisingly, we are not the only ones who love us our shirtless doctors. In fact, some of you fellow Famewatchers are very specific about the shirtless doc you want to see and that is Dr. Travis Stork who, apparently, starred in the eighth season of The Bachelor and is currently one of the doctor hosts/presenters on the syndicated talk show, The Doctors.

travis stork body

We say apparently because we’re not The Bachelor/Bachelorette fanatics and were not able to watch his season and, unfortunately, we don’t have The Doctors on our TV. Anyhoo, here are some shirtless Travis Stork photos that lots of you are looking for.

This one’s from an episode of The Bachelor (we think anyways):

dr travis stork shirtless - bachelor

From an episode of The Doctors. What’s he doing? Taking a bath or something? [For more shirtless docs, go see these Shirtless Doctors posing for an Irish charity calendar. You should also check out these Hot Doctors on Survivor.]

dr travis stork no shirt

This one’s also from The Doctors. He sure is in pretty good shape isn’t he?

dr travis stork hot body

And another:

travis stork shirtless

Is he doing a Howard Stern version of the ice bucket challenge in the pic below? [Note: In the Howard Stern version, you pour not a bucketful but only a cupful of water on yourself.]

travis stork sexy body

This is our favorite Dr Travis Stork shirtless photo:

travis stork hot2

Now, we can see why lots of you have the hots for this dude. Is he gay or straight? He is as straight as an arrow. In fact, he’s very much married to a female doctor named Charlotte Brown. The two got hitched two years ago. So you can think of him as your imaginary TV boyfriend but that’s about it. Hehe.

Now, before he got hitched to Dr. Charlotte, Travis dated American Idol winner Carrie Underwood as well as Sarah Stone aka the girl who won Travis’ Bachelor season who’s now known as Sarah Stone Smith after she tied the knot with a certain Mr. Smith.

Dr Travis Stork Shirtless Photos posted 9 October 2013. Updated 23 March 2017.