Shirtless Doctors Calendar: Irish Doctors for Epilepsy Ireland

Shirtless Doctors Calendar. Want to stare at hot Irish guys and support an epilepsy organization at the same time? Well, you should buy yourself a copy of this shirtless doctors calendar coming out of Ireland (

shirtless doctors calendar - may 2015

Whoever conceived of this idea deserves a lot of props from us here at Famewatcher because we love, love, love us some shirtless docs. Who does not, really?

hot male doctors calendar - 2015 - mr april - kinda gay

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hot male doctors shirtless - june 2015 calendar

The pic above is probably our favorite. As a woman, there’s nothing more attractive than a guy who knows how to take care of a baby.

hot shirtless doctors - 2015 calendar - mr january

The doctor above has a boyish face, no? Reminds us of that Friends episode (we are dating ourselves here) where an about-to-give-birth Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) shooed away a doctor because he looks too young to be a doctor. What would you do if you have a young, boyish looking, fresh from med-school doctor? Would you give him the chance to “practice” on you? Or would you trade him for a grizzled veteran? If they look like the guy above, we might end up falling in love with him. Hehe.

sexy male doctors calendar - september 2015

One of the guys above (the one with a hairy chest hair) reminds us of a celebrity. The celeb’s name is a at the tip of our tongue but he’s either an an actor or a reality star.

sexy male doctors calendar 2015 - mr march

These doctor guys are really young, no?

shirtless doctors calendar - july 2015

Here’s the guy we’re referring to above. Apparently, his name is Deacon Farrell. He was interviewed by The Independent and here’s what he has to say about posing shirtless for a charity calendar:

The calendar was a bit of a laugh. Doctors can be a bit uptight about this kind of thing and some say you should be professional all the time, but I think you can still be professional and have a bit of craic at the same time.

It can come across as a bunch of vain doctors but everyone is very genuine and it’s all about the charity aspect really. People don’t realise how underfunded services actually are. Every day units are closing so it’s all about raising funds at the end of the day.

We give props to Dr. Farrell for helping raise funds for epilepsy!

Want for Irish hunks? Check out a shirtless Rory McIlroy.

Shirtless Doctors Calendar: Irish Doctors for Epilepsy Ireland posted 19 October 2014. Updated 23 March 2017.