Daks Menswear Fashion for Winter: Suits, Coats, & Scarves for Him

Daks Menswear Fashion for Winter: Suits, Coats, & Scarves for Him. British male model Henry Barnacle, seen here dressed in a nifty suit for men, is featured in the Daks Autumn Winter Lookbook.

autumn winter suits for men - daks

More photos of Hency and his Daks winter outfits after the jump.

Henry goes for the “suit no tie” style which remains a favorite among male celebrities.

black suits for men - fall winter fashion style from daks

Looking fab and sexy in his tuxedo suit.

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British Men’s Coats: Henry Barnacle’s DAKS Long Winter Coats
16 December 2009

british mens coats - long coats - daks menswear

Let’s continue blogging British men’s fashion with these photos of British male model Henry Barnacle for the DAKS Autumn Winter 2010-2011 Lookbook. DAKS, for those of us non-Brits, is a fashion which traces its roots to as far back as 1894. It’s trendy fashion creations are now available in 2000 specialty stores in 30 countries around the world.

british winter coats for men

black winter coats for guys by daks fashion house

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Mens’ Scarves Fashion Style: DAKS Scarves for Henry Barnacle
17 December 2010

Henry Barnacle dons some scarves from the DAKS 2010 Fall/Winter Menswear Lookbook. Okay, okay, we must admit that we don’t know whether he’s wearing scarves or shawls but we’re calling ’em scarves because it sounds more badass. Haha. Technically, in case you are wondering, scarves are thinner (10cm -40cm width) than shawls (80-110 cm). So decide for yourself whether our handsome model is wearing a scarf or a shawl in these photos.

More photos of Henry from the DAKS Lookbook. Isn’t that a cute black leather jacket?

black leather jacket

A military-style form-fitting dress shirt.

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