Ojani Noa: Cuban Male Model in His Boxer Underwear


If you are like us, you would be going, “Who is this Ojani Noa guy and why is he suddenly all over the news? Is he cute? Does he have underwear photos?”

Because we wanted to answer our own questions, we went digging the internets. So here are the answers: Ojani Noah is a Cuban male model turned chef and writer. He was married to Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the Bronx. He’s all over the news because he reportedly tried to sell his honeymoon tape with J-Lo. Yes he is kind of cute but he’s more on the hunky side of cute. And yes he’s got an underwear photo, Calvin Klein boxers in particular.

Rafael Carreras Cuban Hunk is a Male Model and Actor

Rafael Carreras is a Cuban male model and actor who is reportedly based in Spain where he runs a successful bar in the Spanish island of Ibiza. Well, he’s being a bar owner is actually from a report in 2006 and we don’t know whether he’s still running the bar or is doing something else.