Ojani Noa: Cuban Male Model in His Boxer Underwear


If you are like us, you would be going, “Who is this Ojani Noa guy and why is he suddenly all over the news? Is he cute? Does he have underwear photos?”

Because we wanted to answer our own questions, we went digging the internets. So here are the answers: Ojani Noah is a Cuban male model turned chef and writer. He was married to Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the Bronx. He’s all over the news because he reportedly tried to sell his honeymoon tape with J-Lo. Yes he is kind of cute but he’s more on the hunky side of cute. And yes he’s got an underwear photo, Calvin Klein boxers in particular.

So there. All your questions answered?



Want more Latino hunks? Or you’d rather look at men in boxers underwear?

UPDATE: Apparently, some of you are not that interested in Ojani Noa’s underwear photos (hehehe) and are more interested about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. As we stated earlier, Ojani is Jennifer’s first husband. They married in February 1997 and divorced a year later in January 1998. Here are their wedding photos.

And here’s the ex-couple attending red carpet events.

Ever since their divorce, Ojani has been trying to cash in on his brief marriage with J-Lo. He wanted to write a book about their short marriage but this was blocked by Jennifer. And he wanted to release a video of the couple supposedly bumping uglies which he’s gonna call How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story.

Ojani denies that he’s trying to make money out of his short-lived relationship with J-Lo but that’s how it looks to us here at Famewatcher. He can deny it all he wants but he comes across as a sleazeball.

But, we gotta admit this, he’s a sleazeball we wouldn’t mind rockin’ the boat with him, if you know what we mean.

Nice calendar, Mr. Ojani!