Colin Jackson Young, Boyfriend, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos

Colin Jackson Young, Boyfriend, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos. We’ve not been blogging about gay male athletes for a while now and its high time we do so.

Famewatchers, say hi to Colin Jackson. He is a former track star who set world records in men’s hurdles. He’s won a silver medal in the Olympics, three gold medals in the World Championships, seven gold medals in the European Championships, and two golds in the Commonwealth Games. In other words, he is an accomplished world class athlete who owns several medals from various competitions.

colin jackson medals

We mentioned he set world records right? Yes, he did. His 1993 world record of 12.91 seconds for the 110 meter hurdles stood for more than a decade — 13 years — before it was broken in 2006. His other world record established in 1994 — 7.3 seconds for the 60 meter indoor hurdles — is even more impressive because it was broken only a few weeks ago at the Madrid 2021 World Athletics Indoor Gold.

Colin Jackson Young and Shirtless Photos. Here are some pics of Colin taken back in the days when he was still an active athlete.

Colin Jackson body

Waving to the crowd!

colin jackson gay olympian

After a race.

Colin Jackson shirtless body

Chillin’ in front of the camera.

colin jackson young black olympian

Colin Jackson body2

Of course, we have more recent shirtless photos of the guy too.

Colin Jackson shirtless hunk

Colin in his Versace boxers underwear.

Colin Jackson underwear model

Colin Jackson world champion hurdler

Colin Jackson Boyfriend? Although he first denied rumors that he is gay, he came out to the public in 2017 during an interview with a Swedish documentary. However, he told his parents earlier in 2006 after an ex — reportedly an air steward — sold a kiss and tell story to a tabloid. His parents remained supportive of him after he came out.

What’s his relationship status at the moment? Looks like he is single but we will update this post when we have any information on whether he’s got a boyfriend or partner. It would be cool if he dates another high profile athlete like Mark Foster, no?

Colin Jackson boyfriend - mark foster

Colin Jackson Ethnicity. On the BBC show, Who Do You Think You Are, we discover that Colin 55% Sub-Saharan African, 38% European, and 7% ‘native American’.

By the way, its worth noting that Colin ain’t the only famous one in the family. His sister, Suzanne Packer, is famous in her own right too as she’s been in the acting biz since 1990.

Colin Jackson ethnicity - with sister actress Suzanne Packer

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