Colin Hutzler Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Girlfriend?

Colin Hutzler Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Girlfriend? Aside from Brock Thompson, another guy we are rooting for on Bravo TV’s reality show Spy Games is 31-year-old New York City entrepreneur Colin Hutzler. You know of course that we are THOTs and hos here at Famewatcher and that the main reason we are hoping Colin would do well in the competition and win US$100,000 is because we’d like some guy candy on our TV. Go ahead, judge us. We know we are shallow but we are at least transparent about it. Hehe.

colin hutzler body workout spy games

Anyhoo, here’s more information about our reality star from his Bravo Spy Games profile:

Colin started his career as a private school educator, teaching Mandarin and Chinese to middle school students while coaching the varsity soccer team. His degree in child psychology was the foundation of his work with students and youth athletes as a tutor, coach, and mentor. Now an entrepreneur whose job allows him the freedom to travel and get the most of out of life, Colin is always looking for new experiences and opportunities. Interested in espionage work, his lifestyle exemplifies core spy values including self-discipline, physical fitness, and service to benefit the greater good.

Will we be seeing Colin’s sculpted abs on the show? We definitely should, no? After all, if watching James Bond has taught us anything, it is that spies do walk around shirtless in their swimsuit a-la Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. If we won’t be seeing Colin’s six pack, it would be because that darn Andy Cohen is hiding the footage for himself. Joke, joke. Don’t sue us Andy!

Anyhoo, we went digging for some Colin Hutzler shirtless photos and these are what we found from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @colinhutzler.

colin hutzler hot abs shirtless

Want more hot guys with abs?

colin hutzler shirtless spy games

Modeling in Under Armour Underwear.

colin hutzler underwear under armour

With a pal!

colin hutzler gay or straight

Colin Hutzler Gay or Straight? Dating Status? We have no information for these questions at the moment but we will update this post in the future once we do have them. Hopefully, we will find out on the show.

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