Brock Thompson Gay or Straight, Boyfriend, Shirtless, Spy Games

Brock Thompson Gay or Straight, Boyfriend, Shirtless, Spy Games. Today in Hot Men in Uniform, we bring you this cutie, Brock Thompson, who is starring on the reality TV series Spy Games which appears to be Bravo’s attempt to expand its viewing demographic. We doubt this show will do much to change Bravo TV’s image as that, in the words of our friend Kevin, “that channel where ‘real’ housewives scream and throw wine at each other” but we gotta give it props for trying something new.

brock thompson hot guys in military uniform

We also gotta give Bravo some kudos for casting hot guys in uniform like Brock who used to serve in the US Air Force. Oh, he is gay too and he served at a time when simply being an LGBT person will get you dismissed from the force under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy which is now thankfully repealed.

More about Brock from his Bravo Spy Games profile:

Brock served two deployments in Qatar as an active duty Air Force Mechanic in support of OIF and OEF, and then later as an Air Force Medic. He served under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and did not disclose his sexual orientation for seven years. A victim to bullying in high school, Brock believes those difficult years made him the charismatic person he is today. After leaving the military, he completed his education at UCLA with a degree in Biology and LGBT Studies. He is currently pursuing his BSN and looking forward to becoming an Emergency Room Nurse. Prior to nursing school, Brock was a security consultant who assessed the threat level for California companies.

Damn, he sure is smokin’ in them suit, no?

brock thompson smoking hot - spy games - bravo

Now, because we are thirsty hos here at Famewatcher, we wen’t looking for some smoking shirtless photos of our Bravo reality TV star and these are what we found from his Instagram account which you might want to follow @fairbrox.

brock thompson shirtless hairy chest

Before and after some weight loss.

brock thompson shirtless spy games - weight loss

Does he have a boyfriend? Is he dating anyone? We do not know but we will update this post when we have the information on the matter.

brock thompson shirtless shaving

We sure love the fact that he’s keeping his chest hair unshaved. Sooooo manly!

brock thompson boyfriend

Finally, here’s our favorite of them all for who does not love a guy in short shorts, no?

brock thompson body - spy games - soldier

Oh wait, there’s more! Here’s a shirtless Brock Thompson on the cover of a magazine!

brock thompson soldier USAF air force

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