Coffey Anderson Shirtless, Underwear, Country-Ish on Netflix

Coffey Anderson Shirtless, Underwear, Country-Ish on Netflix. If you are looking for a black country singer, you should check out Coffey Anderson on Youtube or your music streaming service.

We suggest you first listen to the single Your New Boyfriend which has all the elements of a good country music spiced with a salty cheekiness which delightfully surprised our listening ears. Seriously, you should go check it out.

You should also check out Coffey and his family in an upcoming reality series Country-ish on Netflix which is where we learned about the singer when the preview for the show popped up on our screen.

coffey anderson country-ish on netflix

People Magazine tells us more about the series which starts streaming this coming September 25:

Coffey Anderson and his wife Criscilla are letting the world into their life. The country music singer/songwriter and the hip-hop dancer are starring in Netflix’s new show Country-ish, which follows the couple as they navigate their opposing country vs. city perspectives when it comes to both life and parenting their three children — son Ethan, 9, and daughters Emmarie, 6, and Everleigh, 3.

Adds the couple (via People): “This series will bring inspiration and hope. We know that bad things do happen to good people every day, but how one faces it makes all the difference. We, as a family, fight a major health challenge together and this shows our ups and downs. We hope our story will touch another family and help them with what they are going through.”

Now because we are already sold on the show, we “stalked” Coffey’s Instagram (follow him @coffeyanderson) to do some “research” for this post. Here are photos we grabbed from his feed:

coffey anderson black country singer

Want more hot country singers?

coffey anderson black country singer2

coffey anderson black country singer3

coffey anderson hot black country singer3

Of course, because some of us here at Famewatcher are thirsty THOTs, we had to make screencaps of a video where the country singer strips to his underwear for a spa-ish kind of treatment:

coffey anderson body

coffey anderson shirtless body

coffey anderson shirtless country hunk

coffey anderson underwear boxer briefs

Hey, stop being thirsty! We told you the guy is married, right?

Coffey Anderson wedding wife Criscilla

Coffey Anderson wedding with Criscilla

Coffey Anderson Ethnicity and Parents. The singer is bi-racial. His mom, who is black, passed away when he was ten. His dad is white and is pretty close to his son judging by the message Coffey posted on Instagram on Father’s Day 2016.

It’s so touching you have to read it: “I always liked Hulk Hogan, Batman, Superman, and Michael Jordan growing up. But when I got scared from a nightmare, I didn’t call on them to come to my room and save me. I called on you. I had basketball coaches that yelled and cheered me on but when I got down I looked in the stands for you. When I hear people talk about heroes I think of you and see you in my mind. I learned how to hunt, clean fish, push through my fears and work a job for my family everyday from you. So many kids don’t have fathers and many adults use not having a dad as an excuse for circumstances. I’m thankful that neither of those are me. I have a dad, I have a father, I have a example, I know him and he knows me. So Happy Fathers Day from me to my hero. Love you daddy.”

Awww. If that didn’t bring tears to your eyes, well you gotta get your heart checked. Hehe.

coffey anderson father stanley

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