Chris Lowell Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Gay Kissing Patrick Flueger

Chris Lowell Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Gay Kissing Patrick Flueger. The photo of Chris Lowell kissing Patrick Flueger has created an international scandal that alarmed world leaders and has stirred a passionate debate on whether Chris Lowell is gay.

Nah, we are joking of course. There is really no such scandal. But the netizens of Yahoo Answers discussed what this kissing photo means. Check out their comments below.

Patrick Flueger Chris Lowell gay kiss

Candace J started off the “debate” with a question that goes: Is Chris Lowell from private practice gay? I saw this picture… and i was just wondering

Then some Yahoo Answers! people replied as follows:

sandra b: Honestly, he always seemed gay on the show. When he was lusting after Naomi it always seemed so off. It seemed as if he should be lusting after Pete. That picture says it all. He’s a queen. [Note: This is supposedly the best answer according to the internet voters.]
purple punch: Giving a friend a kiss on the cheek does not make you gay. If it did then all girls that do that to their friends must be lesbians. Seriously it’s really immature to jump to conclusions over a simple picture.
louisiana boy: “If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck”….
maria g: …a picture speakz 1000 wordz
paulo: well those pics set off my gaydar for sure, but its never been 100% reliable lol

So there! That’s really not a passionate debate is it? But if you want to stir a debate on the gayness or straightness of either Chris or Patrick, you are free to do it in the comments. Maybe these photos of the two going touchy-touchy will set off your dirty mind. Haha.

chris lowell boyfriend

chris lowell patrick flueger gay lovers or not

Awww. How cute are these two together? [Question Famewatchers: If Chris and Patrick happen to be shirtless in the next pic, are they doing what our friend Kevin says “barebacking”? We ask because we don’t know.]

chris lowell gay with patrick flueger - you are here

Speaking of shirtlessness, let’s check out Chris looking fabulous while wearing nothing but his surfing shorts. Wowza. We didn’t know he’s as sculpted as a Greek Adonis.

chris lowell shirtless hunk hottie surfer boy

He sure has a perfect set of abs.

chris lowell surfing celebrity

We saved the best for last for you fellow Famewatchers: Chris Lowell’s underwear photo from his 2007 movie, Graduation.

Chris Lowell briefs underwear - graduation

Ugh. Looks like that girl caught his attention.

chris lowell hot

Does Chris have a girlfriend in real life? Interestingly, there’s no mention of any. The chronicler of celebrity relationships,, does not list any girl linked to him. Maybe he’s keeping the information to himself? Very possible but if you are 28 years old, like Chris is, and it appears that you never had a girlfriend, you can’t fault people if they go, “Hmmmmm.”