Brad Kaaya Ethnicity, Father, Mother, Family Photos

Brad Kaaya Ethnicity, Father, and other Stuff. Today in hot college hunks, we bring you college football quarterback Brad Kaaya. He is the starting quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes of the University of Miami. Although he is still a junior, Brad is already being named as one of the top — if not the number one — draft picks for 2017.

As it happens, the internets is curious about Brad Kaaya’s ethnic background. Is he African-American? We initially thought he’s Pacific Islander but eventually ruled out the idea. Genealogy sites aren’t of help either. The Kaaya surname ain’t exactly common but, it turns out, you can find the name in different parts of the world such as Tanzania, India, the United States, and others. So at this point, when it comes to the Brad Kaaya ethnicity, the only thing we would say is that he is one of those people blessed with genes from various races or ethnic backgrounds.

brad kaaya sexy hot quarterback

Brad Kaaya Father. Now, internetizens are also curious about Brad Kaaya Sr. Much is known about his mom — Angela Means Kaaya — because she is a celebrity in her own right but Brad Sr. seems to keep a low profile so not much is known about him.

However, here are some photos of Brad Jr. and Brad Sr. with another father and son who also carry the same name — Terrell Newby Sr. and Jr. We grabbed the pic from the Sun Sentinel ( which tells us that Brad Jr. and Terrell Jr. are lifelong friends and high school teammates.

brad kaaya father - senior and junior

Here’s a family portrait of Brad Kaaya and his parents — mom Angela and dad Brad Sr — which was taken when our now famous college quarterback was still a “youngling” with the most badass hair.

brad kaaya ethnicity - mixed race - parents

Check out this other photo of a young Brad Kaaya with his mom.

young brad kaaya with mom

Brad, Angela, Manny Wilkens (quarterback for Arizona State), and Manny’s mom.

brad kaaya mother with manny wilkens and mom

In conclusion, let us end this post with our favorite photo of Brad Kaaya. He looks so cute and hot, no?

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