Hot Wet Men in Clothes

Hot Wet Men in Clothes. So, we came across the photo below on Facebook and went, “Whoa! Who’s that sculpted Adonis?” After some googling, we learned that the hunky Adonis is Jake Genesis (real name Jake Floyd) and that he is an adult actor who used to be a Catholic seminarian as well as a police officer with the Oakland Police Department.

Quite an interesting career trajectory, isn’t it?

hot wet men in clothes - jake genesis

Anyhoo, Jake’s photo inspired us to make this post about hot guys and their wet clothes dripping over their bodies like, you know, one of our favorite Aussie actors The God of Thunder and Lightning himself, Chris Hemsworth.

hot wet men in clothes - chris hemsworth

Superman aka Geralt of Rivia aka Henry Cavill meditating in the tub with his shirt on. Did his mama forget to tell him that you should remove your clothes before you go in the tub? Hehe.

hot wet men in clothes - henry cavill

Hmmm. Looks like Henry ain’t the only one who who doesn’t chuck off his clothes when he takes a bath. Another famous celebrity doing this kinda thing is South Korean actor Hyun Bin.

hot wet men in clothes - hyun bin - south korean actor

Joe Manganiello is, apparently, more of a beach guy than a tub guy.

hot wet men in clothes - joe manganiello

From the looks of it Turkish actor Can Yaman is also a beach guy.

hot wet men in clothes - turkish actor can yaman

Ahhh, Joel Rush. He was one of our first imaginary beaus when we “discovered” the internet back in the day. We are happy to note that he managed to established a foothold in Hollywood.

hot wet men in shirt - joel rush

Jamie Dornan doing that Jamie Dornan thing of giving you that meaningful look like he’s saying, “You wanna get it on after I’m done here?”

hot wet men jamie dornan

Canadian actor Andrew W. Walker is rocking both his wetness and his facial hair. Woof, woof!

hot wet men shirt - andrew w walker

Hugh Jackman aka the never aging Hollywood zaddy.

hot wet men shorts - hugh jackman

Let’s end this post with male beauty king Cory Ondrick who was crowned Mr. USA back in 2017.

hot wet men white shirt - Cody Ondrick Mr USA 2017

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