Hot Wet Men: Football Players in Shorts Edition

Hot Wet Men: Football Players Edition. Cool. Our boy Cristiano Ronaldo is the 2008 FIFA Player of the Year. Good for him. Congratulations, Cristiano. Now, you’ve got more reason to go swimming to the delight of fans who’d like to see you in your wet shorts. Seriously, how awesome is Ronaldo in that sticking wet black shorts? And he’s got a nice-looking dude beside him too.

hot wet men - football players edition - cristiano ronaldo

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More Hot Wet Men – Footballers Edition
21 December 2016

Of course Cristiano ain’t the only football star who’ve been spotted in wet (but hot) shorts. Let’s check out the others and we begin with LA Galaxy’s David Beckham. He’s now officially a California surfer boy.

hot wet men in shorts - david beckham

Next in line is Italian footballer Francesco Totti, captain of Serie A club Roma. He sure loves to get wet, doesn’t he?

hot wet guys in swim trunks - francisco totti

Is this the newest football bromance after Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique? Too bad they’re on different teams. Manchester City’s Joe Hart carries Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney.

hot wet guys in shorts - joe hart wayne rooney

The always interesting Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi looks pretty handsome in this photo from gossip site TMZ which describes him as the “world’s best topless futbol player”. He looks way more handsome when he’s got short hair, doesn’t he? [Want more of Lionel? Check out our post on Lionel Messi’s Underwear.]

hot wet men in shorts - lionel messi

Liverpool football star Andriy Voronin opts for a flowery pair of beach shorts which our friend Deena approves of 100%.

hot wet men in shorts - football player andriy voronin

A very buffed Micah Richards goes to the beach in what looks like denim shorts. We don’t generally approve of denim as beachwear but we are captivated by his beautiful muscled body so we’re giving him a pass.

micah richards beach shorts

Hello there, El Tigre! Enjoying the water, are we? El Tigre, for those of you not familiar with him, is Radamel Falcao GarcĂ­a. He’s from Colombia, plays for Atletico Madrid, and is considered as one of the best forwards in the world.

radamel falcao garcia shirtless

Cutie Sebastian Giovinco plays for the Italian national team as well as for Serie A club Parma. Damn, we like his baldness. It sure adds to his appeal.

sebastian giovinco shirtless

Hah. Who says only girls love golden outfits? Certainly not Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos who dazzled his fellow beach vacationers with this shiny gold shorts.

hot wet men sergio ramos beach shorts

Note: Originally published 14 January 2009. Updated 21 December 2016.