Celebrities Wearing Prada Leather Jacket and Jeans

Celebrities Wearing Prada Leather Jacket and Jeans. The gorgeous Chris Pine goes all-Prada in this recent photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Yes our Chris is wearing a Prada leather jacket, a pair of Prada denim jeans, and a white Prada t-shirt. It would be safe to bet that he’s also wearing a pair of Prada briefs underwear underneath them pants.

Celebrities Wearing Prada Leather Jacket chris pine

Want to take the bet?

prada jeans prada shirt for men. celebrities wearing prada

chris pine fashion style. prada jeans and prada shirt

For more celebrities who love them their Prada, check out Katy Perry’s Prada Postcard Sunglasses and Sandra Bullock’s Prada Deerskin Bag.

Celebrities and Male Models in Prada Leather Jackets (25 September 2011). Movie producer Giovanni Agnelli is seen here wearing a Prada Fall/Winter 2010 Ready-to-Wear Leather Jacket.

celebrities wearing prada leather jackets giovanni agnelli=

Meanwhile, here’s a male model wearing a fabulously shiny Prada Nappa Leather Quilted Jacket.

celebrities wearing prada leather jackets nappa quilted

Which do you prefer, the Nappa leather jacket above or would you rather chose the Prada leather bomber jacket below? We’re more partial to the bomber jacket, to be honest.

celebrities wearing prada leather jackets bomber

Celebrities Wearing Prada Jeans. Aside from Chris Pine, Hollywood celebrities seen wearing denim trousers by Prada include model-turned-actor Channing Tatum, tween star turned Hollywood hunk Zac Efron, and Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto. Who of these guys has the best Prada jeans?

Here’s Channing at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards dressed in a charcoal grey popeline stretch and indigo cuffed jeans by PRADA. We’re loving this guy but we’re not loving his facial hair right now. We like him better if he’s clean-cut.

celebrities wearing prada jeans channing tatum

Meanwhile, Zac Efron was made to go shirtless and wear a pair of classic Prada jeans in this photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Yay! Shirtless Zac.

zac efron prada jeans

Lastly, here’s Zachary “May or May Not be Gay” Quinto wearing a pair of Prada Sport Indigo Jeans. His long coat is also from Prada while his shoes is from the Ralph Lauren Andando Oxford Shoes Collection. Like his younger namesake, Zachary is posing for a photo for GQ Magazine.

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