Bryshere Gray Empire Jackets and Other Fashion Style

Bryshere Gray Empire Jackets. We have already blogged about Hakeem Lyon’s Empire fashion but there’s nothing that stops us from doing so again, right? Of course! So, shall we check out these Bryshere Gray Empire jackets?

Let us begin with this fabulous black and red jacket. For those of you wondering, this outfit is from the Alexander Wang. For some reason, this jacket reminds us of Andre Leon Talley. Maybe because we’ve seen him wear something similar? Sadly, this to-die-for jacket is sold out.

Bryshere Gray Empire Jackets - Alexander Wang - Baja Striped Hooded Jacket

The next Bryshere Gray Empire jacket would be this Comme Des Garcons Shirt Gabardine Zip Front Combo Hoodie Jacket. If you want to buy this, be ready to shell out $855. Unfortunately for you, this is either sold out or no longer available.

Bryshere Gray Empire Jackets - Comme Des Garçons Shirt - Gabardine Zip-Front Combo Hoodie jacket

Another fab Bryshere Gray Empire jacket is this Moschino Ripped Paper Print Hoodie. Unlike the other outfits above, this outfit is thankfully – for now – still available. In fact, you can buy it in online stores for £341.67 or $443.

Bryshere Gray Hakeem Lyon Empire Fashion - Moschino Ripped Paper Print Hoodie

Of course, Bryshere fashion ain’t only about jackets. So let’s check out his Nylon Multi Zip Jogger Pants. Its something we’d wear when we go trekking but it is cool too for dancing and performing stuff.

Bryshere Gray Hakeem Lyon Empire Fashion - Moschino - Nylon Multi Zip Jogger Pants

Are distressed pants still a thing? In the real world, yes it is very much a thing. On Empire as well as in other imaginary world, distressed pants are also very much a thing.

Bryshere Gray Hakeem Lyon Empire Fashion - NSF - Chuck Distressed Denim Shorts

Anyhoo, the distressed denims Bryshere wears above is a Chuck Distressed Denim shorts. Apparently, you can buy this for $225. But, we’d make our own distressed denim shorts instead if we were you. How, you ask? Get your scissors and your old jeans and use your scissors to cut the old jeans above the knee. Get a razor blade and do some cuts on your jean shorts. Give your jean shorts a beating by attaching it to a punching bag or something. You can distress your newly cut denim shorts further by using it as a floor mat (don’t fold) or something. After a week of using your jean shorts as a floor mat, preferably in the bathroom, throw it in the washing machine. Dry. Voila, you made an authentic distressed denim shorts that would be the envy of your peers.