Luke Verge Update: Shirtless, Gay, Brody Jenner Bromance Still On?

If you are like us, you would be sitting at home and going, “Hmmm. I wonder what happened to Luke Verge after he won Bromance. Is he really best friends with Brody? Or did Brody turn him into his pool boy?” Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer. But he has a Twitter account which you can follow. Maybe you can even tweet and ask him whether he’s still bromancing Brody Jenner.


Chace Crawford Ed Westwick: Gay Lovers or Just Roommates?

CHACE CRAWFORD ED WESTWICK GAY LOVERS OR ROOMMATES. If you’ve been wondering whether Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick are gay lovers, consider yourself lucky because The View’s Joy Behar asks them the question you’ve been wanting to ask. However, you are unfortunate because they didn’t really give a yes or no answer. Chace was annoyed with the question and Ed says they’re “having fun”. Our take: They’re bromancing each other. Hehe.