Brody Jenner Bromance Boys: Who Will Brody Pick as His Sidekick?

Brody Jenner Bromance Boys: Who Will Brody Pick as His Sidekick? The title says it all. Who will reality star Brody Jenner pick as his sidekick when his show Bromance airs on MTV. Will Ryan Seacrest, who is reportedly producing the show, help him with the choice?

Anyhoo, here are some of the Brody Jenner Bromance cast members. Who do you think will win the competition? Who will be canned the first day? Who of them will appreciate this Brody Jenner tattoo?

Jered Getman: Jered is an 18-year old muscle-flexer who, judging by his photo, loves to wear pink shirts. He might be a good match for Brody Jenner but we think he’s a better match for Ryan Seacrest.

brody jenner bromance cast Jered Getman

Chris Favis: Aha, the token Asian dude (he’s Filipino-American) of Bromance. We think he doesn’t have a great chance of becoming Brody Jenner’s bromance. Why? Because save for Yul Kwon in Survivor-Cook Islands, Asian-Americans for whatever reason don’t do well in reality shows. Secondly, Chris Favis is also more of a geek than a jock as you can see in his endless self-introduction which goes on and on and on and on.

brody jenner bromance cast chris favis

Alex Romanoff: Our initial reaction when we saw Alex Romanoff’s pictures goes, “Hmm, Brody Jenner should just pick this one as his bromance buddy.” Why? Because, like Brody, Alex appears to have no problem getting naked in front of the camera. And, like Brody, Alex appears to have no problem getting naked in front of the camera with other naked guys. Furthermore, like Brody, Alex is cute in a schoolboyish kind of way. Alex is our bet as the Brody Jenner Bromance winner.

brody jenner bromance cast alex romanoff

Gary Vaughn: Gary Vaughn must have been a victim of the “all male dancers are gay” stereotype so he comes out proclaiming to the world that HE’S NOT GAY. From MTV: I am a dancer! And yes I am Straight! I know it’s hard to believe, but believe it! I’ve been dancing for 22 years now, and will continue to do so for many years to come! I am also a Teacher and Choreographer (this way i can pay my bills!) ….”

gary vaughn brody jenner bromance cast

Okay Gary, maybe you’re not gay but you have a hair-identity crisis (what are you? bald or hairy?) which doesn’t bode well for your chances of becoming Brody Jenner’s BFF.

Femi Borisade: What a wonderful smile. Here’s something about Femi according to Femi: “I am the shirtless bartender on Friday night and the weightlifter without a shirt on Saturday afternoon. I am the most spontaneous and exciting person you’ll ever meet.”

Femi Borisade brody jenner bromance cast

Okay, we like you already but why are you so stingy in showing us your weightlifter’s body? You should follow Alex Romanoff’s example and show us more skin. Ryan Seacrest will approve.

Michael Flatley: Isn’t Michael Flatley the lead dancer of the Lord of the Dance? Or did we get the name wrong. Anyways, let’s have Michael introduce himself because, like Chris F, it seems like he loves to talk about himself.

Michael Flatley brody jenner bromance cast

From Michael’s MTV page: “Being center of attention is the norm for me. I LOVE being in the spotlight and having all eyes on me. I am one of the most charasmatic people you will ever meet and everything I do, I do to the extreme. I have a personality that just can’t be contained and ridiculous style…I have often been described as a HOT MESS and DRAMA-SO TRUE! And for all of those people who watch the show and wanna run their mouth: Jealousy is a sickness. Get well soon bitches!”

Anyone among you thinking that Michael, because he said “bitches” rather than “dude” should have joined Paris Hilton’s search for her own BFF rather than this one? Just wondering.

Jacob Arenas: Jacob Arenas reminds us of David Archuleta and it’s not because they’re both Hispanic. It’s their similar features and their easy smile. So let’s call Jacob Arenas the “slightly older David Archuleta with facial hair”.

jacob arenas bromance

More about Jacob from his MTV page: Basically I am all about getting out in the world and making shit happen for myself. People forfeit three- fourths of themselves to be like other people. Stay true to your self; fulfill your dreams, goals, and aspirations. That is what’s going to make you a strong person. I am on that jet right now, and if your down to cruise with me, hit me up!!!!!!!!!!!

That is so gay. He’s asking Brody (but I have the feeling he wrote the above for Ryan hehe) to cruise with him and to hit him up. Hmmm. I think this show met its (unspoken but actual) goal of finding Ryan’s partner in cruising the streets of California. Where will Jacob end up in the Brody Jenner Bromance list?

Chris Purcell: The first time we saw Chris Purcell’s photo above we went like, “Hmmm. Isn’t this guy too old to be doing a borderline teen show?” Then we found out that he’s only 21 which, to be fair, is a borderline teen age. Maybe the camera added 15 years to his face? Because Chris looks like Jeff Probst during the first season of Survivor.

brody jenner bromance cast chris purcell

Anyways, here’s more info about Chris Purcell from his MTV page: My name is chiris, I’m 21 from Louisville, KY. I definitely like to party! A typical night out involves some pre-drinking with friends, some bars, some clubs…and possibly a little x-rated as the night goes on.

So this Chris is a bit like the other Chris who also have a thing for pornography. They should make a good bromantic couple.

Brody Jenner Bromance Boys: Who is the Hottest of Them All? Posted 21 December 2008.