Chace Crawford Ed Westwick: Gay Lovers or Just Roommates?

Chace Crawford Ed Westwick Gay Lovers or Just Roommates? If you’ve been wondering whether Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick are gay lovers, consider yourself lucky because The View’s Joy Behar asks them the question you’ve been wanting to ask.

However, you should also consider yourself unlucky because they didn’t really give a yes or no answer. Chace was actually annoyed with the question while Ed simply reveals that they are “having fun”.

Our take: They’re bromancing each other. Hehe.


Chace Crawford Ed Westwick Sitting on a Tree
31 January 2009

chace crawford ed westwick gay lovers

All we will say about the pic above is, “How cute!” And, “Oh wow, they look so good together.” But for the record, in case you are wondering if they’re a couple, Chace and Ed are just roommates.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Sitting on a Tree
03 February 2009

Hmmm. We wonder what Chace Crawford will say about this. Memo to Jessica: Don’t you know that Chace and Ed Westwick are roommates? Watchu doing getting in the way of their “roommate-ness”. Joke, joke.

Shirtless Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick in the Bathroom
06 August 2009

chace crawford ed westwick gay lovers bathroom

Hollywood hotties Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick may not be lovers but these two really have an oh-so cute chemistry between them. In fact, their chemistry is much more evident than George Clooney and his countless girlfriends.

chace crawford ed westwick gay or straight

You agree, right?

ed westwick shirtless

Ed Westwick and Jimmy Wright Sitting on a Tree. Ed Westwick may not be bromancing Chace Crawford (we just want them to) but this doesn’t mean he’s not having some man-to-man lip-locking with other dudes. Check out these photos of Ed kissing his bandmate Jimmy Wright. Ed, it turns out, is the lead vocalist of an indie band called The Filthy Young where his kissing partner Jimmy is the guitarist.

ed westwick gay kiss jimmy wright

This is where the saying “they’re playing beautiful music” is really fitting, eh? In fairness to Ed, he’s an equal opportunity kisser.
ed westwick gay kissing jimmy wright

ed westwick jimmy wright gay kiss

ed westwick gay

Want more celebrity gay kisses?

Chace Crawford Ed Westwick Gay Lovers or Just Roommates? Posted 13 January 2009.

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