Bald Italian Male Model in Board Shorts

Bald Italian Male Model. Want more proof that bald guys are hot? Well, we bring you these modeling photos of this Italian male model looking great in his awesome baldness. Sadly, we do not know his name. If you do happen to know this dude, please leave his name in the comments section. Anyhoo, check out our handsome bald Italian model in his red board shorts, white underwear, and baby blue tight swimwear.

handsome bald italian male model in jeans

Aside from his native hotness, we must say that we are also loving his tattoo. At first glance, we initially thought it is a Chinese dragon because, after all, Chinese dragons are popular. However, a closer look tells us that is no dragon at all. If you can ID the tattoo of our gorgeous bald Italian model, do share your info in the comments.


To be honest, what we love most about this guy is his lips. That’s one of the most luscious lips we’ve seen on a guy for a long time. Come to think of it, can you name a male celebrity with lips as appealing as this? Sure, the guy’s trying to turn us off by pouting and smirking a little but we’re still attracted to his very kissable pecker.

Hey look, our hot baldie is in bed! Deena and Kev want to jump into that bed with him.
hot bald italian guy

We’re not sure about our Italian hunk’s swim trunks. To be honest, we are not loving it because it is too loose. Reminds usĀ  However, with an attention-grabbing body like that, who cares about what he’s wearing when he goes for a dip in the ocean?

If you want more men in board shorts then follow the link. But then again, maybe you are more interested in hottie baldies? Come to think of it, who is not into hot baldies, no?

Bald Italian Male Model in Board Shorts. First posted 19 April 2010. Last updated: August 15, 2023 at 3:43 am.