Elyes Gabel Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Elyes Gabel Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. It’s been nearly a decade when we wrote the original post below and we are updating it to bring you proper shirtless photos of our curly-haired British actor. These images are screencapped by auscaps2 from an episode of Scorpion (aka the show which introduced him to us) and from his latest TV project Suspicion.

elyes gabel shirtless3

elyes gabel shirtless2

elyes gabel shirtless

elyes gabel underwear boxer briefs

On the relationship front, the actor tied the knot as you can see in  — nope, actually, he’s still single. The pic below with actress Tina Majorino is from a scene in an episode of Scorpion.

elyes gabel wife

Elyes Gabel Shirtless Photo (23 September 2014). If you are looking for shirtless photos of Scorpion lead star Elyes Gabel, you are out of luck because the only one out there is this one:

Elyes Gabel - shirtless - casualty

The above image is from an episode of the BBC One medical drama, Casualty, where Elyes played the role of Gurpreet “Guppy” Sandhu.

Aside from Casualty, Elyes other acting credits include Games of Thrones, Body of Proof, Identity, Waterloo, Psychoville, and many others. He is now the lead actor of the new CBS series Scorpion based on the life of genius Walter O’Brien. Elyes plays the role of Walter and, in an interview with starrymag.com, he talks about the responsibility of portraying a real-life character:

Starrymag: Was working with the real Walter intimidating?
Elyes Gabel: You do feel a responsibility, but It’s not so much intimidation. One great thing about Walter is he’s very open to talking about everything, apart from the things he can’t really talk about. It’s not the fact that he’s trying to show you how intelligent he is. It’s more of the fact that he’s disseminating. He’s explaining things, but to a heightened intellectual and very quick processing degree. He’s a computer, just flicking through.

He is very open to talking with you, especially about his character. I wanted to know about his childhood because a lot of what we’re motivated to do stems from traumas in his childhood So, I asked him some questions and he was so honest about his parents and why he essentially made the choice to be left-brained rather than right-brained.

And I asked him if there was some particular situation that made him do that and he explained to me that there was, going back to his childhood. And it wasn’t a really emotional decision it was just him deciding there was no safety in him making inconsistent decisions.

And it almost permeates the way he looks at love in a way and he’s thinking, “Why get hurt when you can be safe and have a lot of money?” And you can fall in love, but the thing is there’s danger in that, isn’t there?

Elyes Gabel Musician. Apparently, the actor is also a musician. He’s got a myspace page (remember myspace?) where you can listen to his music.

Here’s Elyes looking good playing his guitar:

elyes gabel musician

Ain’t he smokin’ hot?

elyes gabel smoking and sexy

Elyes as a hot priest (well, we think he’s playing the role of a priest but we might be wrong).

Elyes Gabel - hot

Is Elyes Gabel Gay? Or Does He Have a Girlfriend? Nah, he is not gay. Here’s his gaydar rating on gayorstraight.com:

Elyes Gabel gaydar: According to 40 visitors Elyes Gabel is 50% gay. However, the average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Elyes Gabel is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Is Elyes Gabel dating anyone? Some tabloids claim that he and Scorpion co-star Katharine McPhee are in a relationship but there’s no confirmation from both camps. In the past, he dated English actress Sarah Barrand of Footballers’ Wives fame.

Elyes Gabel Ethnicity. In his own words, he’s got “a very mixed race”. He’s born in London, lived in Canada and the U.S., and has “got distant touches of Indian in” him.

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