Hello Kitty Mens Underwear Guide

Hello Kitty Mens Underwear. Wanna buy a pair of Hello Kitty underwear for yourself or your man but don’t know where to go? Well, this post is for you. It’s your Hello Kitty men’s underwear guide to style, price, and place to buy Hello Kitty underwear for men. Let’s have a list of the different styles of Hello Kitty Mens Underwear and tell you where you can buy them. Let’s start with:

Hello Kitty Bodymaker Underwear. This is available at global.rakuten.com and you can have a pair for a very affordable price of USD4.75 (¥590). If that ain’t cheap, we don’t know what is.

hello kitty mens underwear - bodymaker

More details of the Hello Kitty Bodymaker boxer briefs from rakuten:

HELLO KITTY outline the design with GOLD foil print. Of stretchy fabric, even I as a soft touch. Perfect for those who seek nostress underwear every day, things get into the skin from. It’s good work, play and sport wear 1 contents also not feel stress fit. Directing the Bodyline, sharp cutting design in three dimensions by the manly structure of the front. It is a contrast with shiny logo padded waist belt and color your BODY a more sporty image.

■ size: m, L, XL
■ color: black / gold
■ material: cotton, polyurethane

We’re pretty sure you got the info, no?

Ali Express: Another online store where you can order your Hello Kitty underwear is Ali Express (aliexpress.com). Here, the price ranges from a low of USD4.10 to a more expensive USD12. Here’s our pick from Ali Express: the Bowknot Designer Cotton Boxer Underwear which you can buy for USD7.59/piece.

hello kitty mens underwear - boxer briefs bow tie2

ebay.com: Of course, there is always ebay. However, the prices here tend to be higher than the two previous sites mentioned. This red Hello Kitty briefs (made of 935 cotton and 7% spandex), for instance, is being sold at USD15.99

hello kitty briefs underwear for men

Offline Stores. Of course, you can also buy Hello Kitty mens underwear in stores. Like this one for instance:


According to the peepz at yelp.com, Hello Kitty men’s undies were seen being sold in stores such as Target, Sears, Kohls, JC Penney, Marshalls, and Ross. Note however that the availability of Hello Kitty mens undies in said stores are occasional. Sometimes they’re there but sometimes they’re not.

Let’s end this post with this photo of a handsome male model wearing a pair of Hello Kitty briefs underwear.

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