Blake Bortles Underwear: He Likes Tighty White Briefs?

Is This Blake Bortles’ Wearing Tight Underwear? Can some of you, fellow Famewatchers, confirm whether the sleeping guy above is football quarterback Blake Bortles? We ask because we are not sure. And we ask because websites such as Welcome to My World, Underneath the Starz, Queer Click, several Italian/Spanish blogs, and some pinners/re-pinners on Pinterest have identified the guy as Blake Bortles.

Blake Bortles underwear briefs - NOT2

Us? As mentioned, we’re not sure if the man in the pic is the newly drafted Jacksonville Jaguars. We’d like it to be him of course. If it turns out that it is indeed him, then Blake has a second career as an underwear model. However, if Blake is not the underwear guy, the next question naturally goes “Who is this dude with a beautiful derriere”? Any clues, Famewatching sleuths?

Anyhoo, here’s Blake in all his glory as a college football star. Do you think his star will also rise in the professional league as it did in college? We think it will. [For a new NFL pro in his underwear, check out our post: Michael Sam Shirtless and Underwear Photo.]

Blake Bortles college football hunk ucf

For those of you who are wondering whether Blake has a girlfriend, the photo below should give you a clue. Yes he does have a girlfriend. Her name is Lindsey Duke, apparently she is kinda more famous than him (on the internets anyway).

blake bortels girlfriend - Lindsey Duke

More about Blake and Lindsey from Daily Mail:

Duke has helped pave her own way to fame with constant bikini-clad updates to her Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Off the field as well as on, Bortles is one lucky guy and doesn’t seem particulary fazed by his girlfriend’s popularity. ‘Apparently, she is more of a household name than I am,’ Bortles told ESPN. ‘She’s more famous than me and there’s nothing I can do about that.’

He’s had time to get used to her appeal. They’ve been a couple since high school, where they attended prom together, and then attended the same university.

Here’s a shirtless Blake chatting with girlfriend Lindsey.

blake bortles shirtless

Wanna see Blake as a young boy? Check out this pic of him as a kid with younger brother, Colby, and dad Rob Bortles. The football star twitted the photo accompanied with a father’s day greeting to his old man. What a good son, no?

blake bortles young - with bro and dad