Michael Sam Shirtless, Underwear, and Boyfriend Sean Smith

Michael Sam Shirtless, Underwear, and Boyfriend Photos. Does college football hunk and prospective NFLer Michael Sam currently have a boyfriend? He mentioned dating someone in his NY Times interview but didn’t name who the lucky guy was/is (he’s supposedly a member of the university swim team) or whether they are still on.

michael sam sports illustrated cover boy

Anyhoo, the guys of Media Takeout have unearthed these photos of Michael getting cozy cozy with a kinda twinkie dude.

michael sam boyfriend - Sean Smith

According to everyjoe.com, Sam’s cozymate is named Sean Smith. Is he the mystery boyfriend? We don’t know. We can’t confirm or deny. Suffice it to say that they kinda look good together.

michael sam boyfriend - Sean Smith2

Like your typical millenial, Sean Smith is into that taking self-pics in their underwear thing that kids (and some pathetic kids-at-heart) are doing these days.

michael sam boyfriend in underwear - sean smith in boxer briefs2

Another Sean selfie.


His supposed boyfriend wears boxer briefs but what does the prospective NFL star prefer when it comes to his underthings? Does he wear boxers or briefs or a combination of the two? We don’t know but we’d like to see him in a silky bikini because we’re pretty sure he’ll rock it. Hehe. [Want some Men’s Silk Underwear?]

Anyhoo, here’s the Michael Sam shirtless in underwear photo you are looking for. Photo of our guy in his Under Armour underpants was taken during the 2014 Reese Senior Bowl held in Mobile, Alabama last month.

michael sam shirtless underwear - underarmour - reese superbowl weighin jan 14 in mobile alabama2

We’re not familiar with this Senior Bowl thingie but, for those of you who are curious, here’s what wiki says about it:

The 2014 Senior Bowl was an all-star college football exhibition game featured players from the 2013 college football season, and prospects for the 2014 Draft of the professional National Football League (NFL). The game concluded the post-season that began on December 21, 2013. It was sponsored by Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and is officially known as the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

Now, everyone from the President to NFL insiders to gay advocates have said something about Michael Sam’s coming out but what does those close to him have to say about the matter? Daily Mail has some answer for you:

On his father’s birthday last week, Michael Sam sent his old man a text with two words: ‘I’m gay.’ Michael Sam Sr said on Monday he had no idea of his son’s sexuality but that he fully supports the Univeristy of Missouri star’s decision to come out.

The dad even made about the revelation, initially, according to NBC news, saying: ‘Well, you could have wished me a happy birthday first.’ The 55-year-old, a disabled truck driver who lives in a nursing home in Texas, said his son called him later in the evening to talk about it.

‘I was shocked because I didn’t see it,’ the father told NBC. ‘I mean, you see your kids, but you don’t suspect that. I said was he sure, and he said he was. He’s in control and he’s grown. No matter what, he’s my son and I still love him.’

Awww! How cool of a father is Michael Sam Sr?

Let’s end this post with this video of the prospective NFL star dancing shirtless in a gay bar.

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