Blaine Gabbert Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth, Shirtless Photos

blaine gabbert girlfriend bekkah mills2

Blaine Gabbert Girlfriend. Does San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert have a girlfriend? Who is the lucky girl? Yes he has a girlfriend. The lucky gal is the girl with Blaine in the pic above as well as in the next picture.

Her name is Bekah Mills. She’s also an athlete having played basketball in high school and college. From her Mizzou Tigers ( profile:

Full name is Rebekah Mary Mills … born April 18, 1989 in Wichita, Kan. … daughter of Daniel and Anita Mills … majoring in business accountancy.

Here’s another pic of Blaine Gabbert and girlfriend Bekah Mills:

blaine gabbert shirtless -with girlfriend bekah mills in two-piece bikini swimsuit

Hello, lovebirds!

blaine gabbert hot

Blaine Gabbert Shirtless. Want another Blaine Gabbert shirtless photo? Of course you do! So here’s the 24-year-old football quarterback and the not-so-big fish he must have caught while fishing. Is he one of the fittest NFL quarterbacks? Well, considering he’s got some awesome abs in the pic below, it’s safe to say that he is fit as fit can be. [Want more shirtless NFL quarterbacks?]

Blaine Gabbert shirtless - jacksonville jaguars

By the way, the peepz at Buzzfeed included Blaine in their list of “The Best Quarterback Bodies According to Their Shirtless Pictures”. Here’s what they said about Blaine’s bod:

Blaine Gabbert looks like what I imagine Heath Ledger looked like during his training for A Knight’s Tale. And that movie is so dope.

Blaine Gabbert Salary. How much money is Blaine Gabbert making as a professional football player? Here’s his current salary information according to

Blaine Gabbert signed a 4 year / $12.00 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers, including a $7,228,472 signing bonus, $12,001,646 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $3,000,412.

Pretty cool, huh? He’s only 24 years old and he’s already a millionaire. Matt Maioco of tells us more about Blaine’s salary:

Meanwhile, newly acquired Blaine Gabbert is set to earn a guaranteed $2.011 million this season. Gabbert’s salary this season is fully guaranteed for injury, skill and salary cap concerns, a source said, which virtually assures the backup job is his to lose. The entire four-year, $12 million deal Gabbert signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a rookie was guaranteed.

He is reportedly earning more than fellow 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. But that’s at the moment, at least. Kaepernick’s stock is rising fast, don’t be surprised if he signs a multi-million dollar deal in the future.