Cam Newton Girlfriend – Proof of Gayness – Shirtless Drakkar Cologne


Cam Newton Drakkar Cologne. Let’s add NFL quarterback Cam Newton to our group of famous celebrities who are raking dough with their side-gigs as spokesmodels for fragrance companies. Famewatchers, meet Cam Newton, the face of L’Oreal’s Drakkar Essence. The Huffington Post tells us more about Cam’s newest endorsement:

Newton has now stolen the spotlight off the field as the face (and body) of L’Oréal’s new Drakkar Essence fragrance.

But don’t scoff at the idea of yet another handsome athlete fronting a beauty campaign just yet. Newton knows first hand the power of cologne — especially Drakkar Essence with its masculine-yet-sensual blend of spearmint, sage, tonka bean and musk.

“You can’t wear this with sweatpants,” he said, describing the scent. “It puts you into that mentally that ‘I got looks to kill.'”

What’s the best way to put on a cologne? Newton has the answer for you:

You have to do it when your pores are open and that’s probably pretty much right after a shower. The secret is to have it just enough, but not too much. Any type of fragrance, especially with Drakkar as such a bold, loud fragrance, you want just enough to raise suspicion.

Cam Newton Underwear Photos. Did you see Cam’s endorsement for Under Armour performance underwear? We already blogged about it (see: NFL Quarterbacks’ Underwear) but let’s bring him back with more photos:

shirtless nfl quarterbacks - cam newton - carolina panthers

He’s pretty in pink boxers but he rocks his blue/grey underwear too!

cam newton underarmour underwear

He wore Under Armour even before he was hired to be a spokesmodel for the brand.

cam newton weigh-in underwear

Cam Newton Shirtless Photos. You want more shirtless photos of the Carolina Panthers quarterback? Of course you do. Here’s Cam hanging out at the beach.

cam newton shirtless - beach body

Cam goes shirtless in the locker room (?).


Cam Newton Gay or Straight? Cam is most certainly not gay! But we have solid proof that he used to be a fairy. Check it out (pic from The War Eagle):

cam newton gay proof

Who knew? Cam is one of them men who wear women’s clothes? Ehh, actually he’s just having fun and participating in a Halloween costume contest. Sadly, he lost to a certain Mario Fannin who reportedly won an iPad for his efforts.

Cam Newton Girlfriend? So if he is not gay, does he have a girlfriend? Is Cam Newton dating anyone at the moment? Yes he does have a girlfriend! Check out this photo of the lovely couple taken at the third annual NFL Honors last February.


Her name is Hazel but she’s reportedly also known as Kia.