Gabe Kapler Speedo, Shirtless, and Weight Workout Photos

Gabe Kapler Speedo, Shirtless, and Weight Workout Photos. We are updating this post for those of you who can’t get enough of Tampa Bay outfielder, Gabe Kapler. Didn’t we say he is hot with all them sculpted muscles and all? Turns out that he looks good in a nice Speedo suit too which rivals the ones we posted for Ashton Kutcher, footballer turned model Jed Hill, and male model David Gandy. However, we still think that the title for having the most impressive Speedo package still goes to fireman turned model Michael Biserta.

gabe kapler speedo underwear photo

Real man are those who are man enough to wear leopard print Speedo swimwear. Right, Gabe?

gabe kapler speedo leopard print

More Gabe Kapler Speedo Photo Update. Aha, turns out that the above pic of our Gabe in a teeny weeny leopard-print swimsuit is just one of his many Speedo and underwear modeling photos. For instance, here’s Gabe on the cover of Exercise Magazine working out in a pair of squarecut swimsuit.

gabe kapler underwear

Question: Is he working out in swimwear or is he wearing a pair of boxer briefs underwear? Gabe’s exercise regimen, apparently, includes an EZ barbell curl workout routine.

gabe kapler shirtless workout

Surely, Gabe Kapler can give those athletes-turned-underwear-models like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many many more a run for their modeling money, no?

WAIT, THERE’S MORE (Another update). Those of you who, like us, are just discovering the awesomeness of Gabe might want to read this interesting tidbit about him from wiki: “Kapler is well-known in baseball for his extraordinary musculature. Bob Ryan once wrote a column in which he nicknamed Kapler “The Body,” and mused on the fact that, traditionally, bodybuilder-type physiques have not been considered desirable for baseball players (as speed and reflexes are more important than muscle). This same muscularity has become a part of pop-culture and a staple among Boston fans. His musculature and shirtless photos have made Kapler a favorite of those inclined to appreciate such things.”

gabe kapler underwear

It goes without saying that we here at Famewatcher are among those who are inclined to appreciate Gabe’s shirtlessness and sculpted musculature. Hehe.

Gabe Kapler shirtless baseball hunk

Who says baseball pros are fat? Certainly not our Gabe!

Gabe Kapler shirtless washboard abs

Gabe Kapler Gay or Straight. Now, some of you are wondering whether our famous baseball star is as gay as Anderson Cooper. Is he? We don’t know the answer so we turned to the internets to say what netizens are saying.

Well, according to Gabe is “highly gay”.  Specifically, “according to 8 visitors, Gabe Kapler is 90% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Gabe Kapler has been voted highly gay.”

What say you of the above score? Looks like whoever voted are just a bunch of wishful thinkers who want hunky dudes to be a friend of Dorothy. For the record, Gabe is straight and has been married to wife Lisa Jansen since 1999. The couple are blessed with two sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio.

Gabe Kapler Speedo, Shirtless, Gay or Straight, and Weight Workout Photos posted 21 April 2009. Last update on 20 March 2017.