Stretch Leather Leggings For Women: Celebrity Edition

Stretch Leather Leggings For Women: Celebrity Edition (posted 22 September 2009, updated). Is Victoria Beckham a fashion icon?

Or does she still have a very long way to get there? Or is she ain’t no icon at all and its ridiculous to even consider her as one?

Well, with her stretch leather leggings, we give her points towards iconhood. Nice one Victoria, real nice leggings you got there.

stretch leather leggings for girls - victoria beckham

Victoria, being skinny and all, is one gal who won’t need them Bio-Fir anti-cellulite leggings. However, for the record we don’t think she’s a fashion icon yet because an icon, in our definition anyways, must stand the test of time. You know, to be a fashion icon, you shouldn’t be a flash in the pan, here-today-gone-tomorrow trend setter.

When we think of icons, the women that come to mind would be Jackie O., Brigitte Bardot and, well, maybe Madonna. We’re sure you’ll agree that Victoria doesn’t belong to this group of fashion icons. Yet.

Celebrities Wearing Stretch Leather Leggings. Aside from Victoria Beckham, other famous girls who love them some stretch leather leggings include the following:

Katie Holmes aka The One Who Got Away. Years ago, when her daughter was still a baby, Katie was spotted rocking a pair of leather leggings.

stretch leather leggings for girls - katie holmes

Rihanna. Of course Rihanna loves her some leather leggings too. After all, she’s a trendy girl who knows her fashion.

rihanna wet look stretch leather leggings

Kim Kardashian. She may be a do-nothing famous person but you cannot deny the fact that Kim K knows her fashion. She is wearing Balenciaga Dot Leggings in case you are wondering.

stretch leather leggings for girls - balenciaga kim kardashian

Cara Delevingne is wearing a stretch leather legging in this photoshoot for DKNY.

dkny stretch leather leggings cara delevingne

Kristin Chenoweth. Let us end this update on fabulous celebrities wearing leather leggings with one of our favorite funny girls ever — the gorgeous Kristin Chenoweth who is rocking her leggings in the photo below.

kristin chenoweth stretch leather leggings for women

Stretch Leather Leggings For Women: Celebrity Edition posted 22 September 2009. Last updated: August 13, 2020 at 3:32 am.