Men in Short Shorts: Celebrities and Male Models in Skimpy Shorts

Men in Short Shorts: Celebrities and Male Models in Skimpy Shorts. Short shorts for men may be so 1980s but we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that guys wearing short shorts are far more interesting than those wearing “neither long nor short pants”. For instance, check out Latino baby daddy Ricky Martin in his short shorts.

men in short shorts ricky martin

Then here’s Canadian hunk Marx Malachi in a pair of skimpy purple shorts. For those of you not familiar with this guy, Marx is an actor who stars in movies of the adult variety. Want more men in shorts?

men in short shorts marx malachi

Now, remember the time when tennis players wore short shorts and not the silly “neither long nor short” pants they have these days? Damn, those times were fun.

men in short shorts tennis

Men in Short Shorts: David Gandy, Male Model Hunk (09 July 2010). Today in men’s shorts fashion watch, we bring you this black and white photo of hunky model David Gandy in his short shorts.

david gandy men in short shorts

This guy is beyond awesome, no? You are definitely missing something if you still haven’t checked out David in his square-cut trunks and hot boxers [see our post on Dolce Gabbana Pajamas]. But here’s another pic of David which, this time, focuses attention to his curvy behind.

david gandy short shorts

Jerriq Maslin: Euro Male Model in Boxer Shorts (14 August 2009). Let’s take a break from blogging about them Miss USA beauties to appreciate the hunkiness of Jerriq Maslin. Would anyone of you know where he’s from? We think he’s from Eastern Europe, maybe he’s from the Czech Republic or Slovakia or Hungary. But maybe it doesn’t really matter where he’s from, no? Don’t you just love his very expressive eyes? It makes him look like a lost puppy that you’d like to bring home and take care of.

men in short shorts jerriq maslin

By the by, in case you are wondering, our Jerriq stands at 5’10 tall and weighs 150lbs. Nice information but, sadly, these are the only things we know about him. If you do know him and want to share what you know about this Euro hunk for us Famewatchers – such is is he married, or does he have a girlfriend/boyfriend, etc, etc. – then do tell us in the comments.

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