Ashley Taylor Dawson Underwear, Cosmo Everyman, Shirtless Photos

Ashley Taylor Dawson Underwear, Cosmo Everyman, Shirtless Photos. Look who’s bared himself for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman cancer awareness campaign? It’s Ashley Taylor Dawson. Like the other guys who dropped all of their clothes themselves for this campaign, Ashley is hoping that men will be “more open about health issues, particularly testicular and prostate cancers”.

ashley taylor dawson naked for everyman cosmo

Says Victoria Rae, Communications Manager at Everyman, of the campaign from way back in 2005 (yeah, this blog is just catching up):”Everyman are delighted that Ashley has been brave enough to shed his embarrassment and strip off to highlight the issue of male cancers. When caught early, testicular cancer has a 99 per cent cure rate, so raising awareness in this way really can save lives. It is all for an extremely good cause – It is a way of reaching men by making their girlfriends more aware of the issue.”

So, have you gotten yourself checked already?

Update (01 July 2011): For those of you who are wondering about who this guy is, here are some things you should know about him:

  • He is a British actor who plays the role of Darren Osborne in the long-running British soap, Hollyoaks.
  • Is Ashley Taylor Dawson gay? This is a question some of you are asking via Google search. The answer: We don’t know. It is likely that he is not gay. After all, he’s got a girlfriend and they’ve got a son named Buddy Mac Taylor Dawson.
  • Who is Ashley Dawson’s girlfriend? Her name is Karen McKay and she is Buddy Mac’s mom. Ashley and Karen have been in a relationship since 2004.
  • Apart from being actor, Ashley is also a good singer and dancer. He is a member of the British pop band allSTARS*
  • He is also a stage actor having appeared in the production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.
  • He’s got a crush on Mandy Richardson, a Hollyoaks character played by Sarah Jayne Dunn. Here’s what Ashley recently said about his crush who is now his TV girlfriend (via Inside Soap): “I watched Hollyoaks to get out of homework and remember fancying Mandy Richardson – and as soon as I got the role of Darren I became her boyfriend in the show. I was buzzing!”


Ashley Taylor Dawson Underwear Photos (posted 07 October 2011). Aha! Here’s something for those of you who are looking for Ashley’s underwear. He’s wearing boxer shorts and boxer briefs. Do you think he also wears briefs? If only we’ve got photos of him wearing a pair of jockstrap because he would make a good addition to our male celebrity jockstrap list.

ashley taylor dawson gay or straight

Hey woman, stop reading that damn paper. There’s a cute guy in his boxers underwear sitting beside you.

ashley taylor dawson shirtless

Ashley strips to his white boxer briefs to get himself a spray tan. Is he out of his mind? That spray would turn his underwear to anything but white.

ashley taylor dawson underwear hot

Want more male celebrity underwear?

ashley taylor dawson underwear boxer briefs

What brand of underwear does our Ashley wear? Apparently, if you look at his peekabo undies below, he loves him his Ralph Lauren!

ashley taylor dawson underwear

Ashley Taylor Dawson Underwear Update. Wait, there’s more shirtless Ashley in underwear photo.

ashley taylor dawson underwear shirtless

Ashley Taylor Dawson Gay or Straight? He is straight. He is also in a relationship with long-time partner   Karen McKay with whom he has two children. However, in a 2013 interview with Attitude Magazine, he revealed that he would not mind hooking up with Kieron Richardson. That is, if he ever turns gay.

Quote: “I love Kieron so it makes me feel very, very happy. If I was ever to turn gay Kieron would be my man.”

Ashley Taylor Dawson Underwear, Cosmo Everyman, Shirtless Photos. Posted 6 April 2009. Updated 28 May 2017.