Men in Leather: Ross Hurston and Joshua Maliszewski

Men in Leather Pants: Male Model Ross Hurston. Look who looks good in leather jacket and leather pants? It’s British model Ross Hurston, that’s who. We’ve tried leather jackets but still have to try leather pants. We’re told its pretty hot down there if you’ve got leather pants.

men in leather pants ross hurston

Hey look, he’s taking off his leather jacket. We wonder what he’ll do next. Hehe.

men in leather pants ross hurston2

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Joshua Maliszewski: Men in Leather Jacket (posted 11 April 2009). Is leather cool or what? Well if it’s cool for sexy Joshua Maliszewski, then it’s cool for us. Who is this hot hunk, you ask? Well, Joshua is a male model from the United States who was apparently “discovered” by photographer Mark Stout who described Josh as a “5′ 9″, 165 lb, blond, blue-eyed package”.

Josh appeared on the cover of Exercise For Men magazine as well as in another mag, reFresh Magazine. He’s got some Angelina Jolie lips going for him, no? That sure is an asset in the world of modeling.

men in leather jacket Joshua Maliszewski

UPDATE 30 June 2011: So what is Joshua Maliszewski doing these days? Sadly, we can’t find any new information about him across the internets. We were hoping he’s a top model by now but we’re not sure if it did work out for him fine.

men in leather pants Joshua Maliszewski

Update to the update: Josh also modeled for some underwear labels such as Baskit, Cin2, and 2xist. We’re still hoping he makes it big as a model because we like this guy. Maybe he should hook up with Madonna or with any aging celebrity?

You’re laughing now but see how Madonna’s relationship with Jesus Luz boosted the latter’s career. And didn’t Gabriel Aubry’s star shone brighter when he hooked up with Halle Berry?

In modeling, as in other kinds of profession, it’s who you hook up with that matters. Hehe.

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