Danilo Ikodinovic Shirtless: Water Polo Hunk and Underwear Model

Danilo Ikodinovic Shirtless: Water Polo Hunk and Underwear Model. Serbian water polo player Danilo Daca Ikodinovic, bronze and silver Olympic medalist, looks great as an underwear model, no? He is modeling Extreme Intimo underwear, a Serbian intimate fashion brand which is apparently the biggest and best underwear brand in the former Yugoslavia. It has also managed to branch out in neighboring countries.

Danilo Ikodinovic shirtless serbian hunk

Okay, enough with the underwear brand, let’s now focus on the handsome Serbian model that is Danilo Ikodinovic. Check out his Extreme Intimo modeling pictures below.

Danilo Ikodinovic underwear

Very good, huh? Do you think he can give English rugby player Ben Cohen a stiff competition in the “who’s the cutest athlete/underwear model contest”?

Danilo Ikodinovic Water Polo Speedo Hunk. Some photos of Danilo celebrating victories in water polo international competitions:

danilo ikodonovic speedo water polo

danilo ikodonovic water polo hunk

So those are Danilo’s sexy Speedo and underwear photos. Now we bring you some Four Things You Should Know About Danilo Ikodinovic.

1. He’s got two children both of whom are girls. His first child, with his first wife Anja, is named Andrea who was born in 2001. His second daughter, with pop singer NataĊĦa Bekvalac, is named Hana and she was born in March 2007.

2. Danilo’s Olympic medals in water polo (team event) are: bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and a silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He also boasts of a gold medal from the 2005 Montreal World Championships as well as another gold from the 2006 Budapest FINA World Cup.

3. How tall is Danino Iknodinovic? He is 187 cm tall. American readers will have to convert that to feet and inches on their own. Hahaha.

4. Apart from his medals in international competitions, Danilo received the elite Golden Badge, a yearly award given to the best athlete of Serbia (and formerly Yugoslavia) in all sports disciplines. What makes this award very special is the fact that the past winners of the award are the ones who will pick the new awardee. Danilo was given the Golden Badge in 2005 for his achievements in water polo.

By the way, another Serbian hunk who received the Golden Badge is tennis superstar Novak Djokovic.

Danilo Ikodinovic Shirtless: Water Polo Hunk and Underwear Model. Posted 28 March 2009. Updated 28 May 2017.