Ant Or Dec: Who is Ant and Who is Dec?

Ant Or Dec? Can you tell the difference between Ant and Dec? It turns out it is a problem for some people like our friend Kevin who, after reading our post on Ant and Dec Shirtless, called us to ask “Who exactly is Ant and who is Dec? How can I tell them apart?”

Don’t worry Kevin, we’re here to help you to tell who is who so you won’t refer to either of them as “Ant or Dec” as Bill Nighy does in the 2003 film Love, Actually. First, if you are looking at our cheeky boys on your TV or on a photograph, always remember that Ant will be on the left while Dec will be on the right. For instance, check out this photo:

ant or dec - who is ant and who is dec

That’s Ant on the left (your left, dear reader) and Dec is on the right (your right). Apparently, Ant and Dec agreed to position themselves this way to help people in telling them apart.

ant or dec - tips on identifying who is ant and who is dec

Another tip you should remember in identifying who is Ant and who is Dec: Dec kinda looks like actor Michael J. Fox. The resemblance sure is uncanny, isn’t it?

ant or dec - dec looks like michael j fox

Another clue you should remember: Ant is the taller one. How tall are the boys exactly? Google tells us that Ant stands at 5’8″ while Dec is 5’6″. Check out the height difference between our boys in this red carpet photo. Again, bear in mind that Ant is at your left while Dec is at your right.

ant or dec - height - who is taller

Our friends at Reddit have clues that should help:

  • Ant is on the left, Dec on the right. They’re always stood that way so you can’t get it wrong.
  • Ant has black hair. Much like how ants are black.
  • Ant has a big forehead and beady eyes, like an ant. Dec is the other one.
  • Dec(k) is low to the ground, they’re well named.
  • Dec is the pretty one.
  • According to a friend, Dec is the ‘square one’ and Ant is the ‘rectangular one’.
  • I remember it as Gi-Ant so you know he’s the bigger one, then the other one must be Dec.

Ant or Dec: Who is Ant and Who is Dec? Telling Them Apart Clues
. Posted 21 November 2016. Last updated: February 21, 2020 at 7:25 am.