Ant and Dec Shirtless and Underwear – Boxers or Briefs – Photos

Ant and Dec Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We blogged about the Ant and Dec gay rumors, now let’s check out their shirtless pics, shall we?

We begin with our favorite pic of them all, this Anthony McPartlin shirtless photo which was taken when he was much younger. This must have been taken when he was in his late teens or early 20s, no? Anthony’s best asset is his expressive eyes.

anthony mcpartlin shirtless

Now, we went looking for a Declan Donnelly shirtless pic that is as dramatic and intriguing as the one above but we didn’t find any. We found this though: a young Declan in the shower.

declan donnelly shirtless - young

It would be an injustice to publish an Ant and Dec shirtless photos without the two of them in one picture, right? Of course! Which is why here’s one taken from a few years ago in 2013.

ant and dec shirtless photos

Another photo of Declan shirtless, this time with wife Ali Astall.

declan donnelly shirtless - older

A shirtless pic of an older Ant.

anthony mcpartlin shirtless

And and Dec Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?. Over at Yahoo Answers, some netizens are debating the underwear preferences of Ant and Dec. Here’s what they are saying:

Do ant and dec wear briefs or boxers ?
victoria l: i think ant would wear boxers and dec wears briefs
stinkyfinger: definitely boxers who in their right mind still wears briefs
Caitlin: I would say boxers though they might wear thongs lol
Jeni: boxers
eireblood2: Stockings and suspenders.
Lilac Lady: Neither so they can have a quick feel of each other in the breaks!!!!!!!!
devine_gem2: both go commando i reckon!! haha
ms_marcia_brady: tidy white briefs…….dont ask me how I know :-)
TAFF: They go commando!

So there you go, that’s what the internet thinks of Ant and Dec underwear preferences. Sadly, we can’t find any pics of these two in their underwear but we found the next best things which we are sharing with you.

Ant and Dec in their sumo wrestling loincloth.

ant and dec sumo wrestling underwear

Of course underwear can be outerwear too as our superheroes prove in the next photo below.


Oh wait, we forgot to add this image when Ant and Dec shared a briefs underwear. We think this answers the question as to whether they prefer boxers or briefs.

ant and dec underwear - boxers or briefs

We also almost forgot to mention that Ant and Dec wear women’s underwear too.

anthony mcpartlin underwear

Dec is prettier than Ant, no?

declan donnelly underwear

Our last Ant and Dec shirtless pic starring Anthony in a tub with a rubber ducky.

anthony mcpartlin shirtless

Anthony McPartlin Underwear Update: Apparently, our Ant wears tighty whitie brief when he’s live on TV. Seems like Declan wears briefs too.

From The ITV presenter claims to have never made a live appearance in 25 years without donning his “lucky” underwear. McPartlin said: “I like to wear a white pair of briefs for luck. Never a coloured brief. “Next time you’re watching me you’ll think, ‘He’s got white briefs on.'”

Declan Donnelly, says he doesn’t have any rituals. He said: “I have none. Superstitions that is, not briefs.”