Albert Reed Gay or Straight, Shirtless, Underwear, Cosmo Everyman

Albert Reed Shirtless Photos: He’s Now a Zaddy Model! It’s been 13 years since we initially blogged about Albert and his hunky gorgeousness and, boy, are we happy to note that he continues to be a top male model. Considering that the modeling biz is all about youth, youth, and youth he sure is giving them yutes a run for their money. Anyhoo, here are some of his recent modeling photos which be grabbed from his IMG profile:

albert reed model daddy

albert reed shirtless daddy model

albert reed shirtless model for bergdorf goodman

Albert Reed Gay or Straight, Shirtless, Underwear, Cosmo Everyman. Look who posed for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s male cancer Everyman campaign? Yup, that’s Abercrombie and Fitch model Albert Reed. Good for you, Albert.

Again, as we mentioned elsewhere in this blog, the Cosmo Everyman campaign seeks to encourage women to encourage their men to get themselves checked for men’s prostate cancer and other kinds of cancer specific to guys. So have you encouraged your partners, ladies? Do it before its too late. For another Cosmo Everyman Hunk, check out our post on Tom Hopper Shirtless.

cosmo hunks model albert reed everyman campaign

Anyhoo, here’s one of Albert’s modeling pics from Abercrombie & Fitch. This American stud has been modeling since he was 18 years old but his career took off when he was featured in Abercrombie’s back-to-school campaign in 2004.

albert reed abercrombie

He also modeled for other brands such as Diesel, American Crew, Levis, Wrangler Jeans, and Arrow. Here are some photos from his Levis ad campaign.

albert reed gay or straight

Nice, huh? Them partly unbuttoned jeans is waiting for us Famewatchers to unbutton it completely.

albert reed levis jeans

Our good friend Kevin believes that whoever conceived of the above photoshoot should be fired. He’s got a point. We don’t get the picture. If you’re going to dress your fashion model in white, why would you hide his outfits in a white background if the point is to highlight the clothes he’s wearing/selling?

Now, here are some of Albert Reed’s pics from his arrow ad campaign.

Albert Reed Underwear Model. Some of you are looking for photos of Albert Reed in his underwear so, here you go.

albert reed underwear

Take two of Albert in his underoos. Oh wait, he’s actually wearing a briefs-style swimsuit.

albert reed underwear speedo

One of the most interesting google search words we’ve ever encountered in our analytics are “is albert reed gay or straight”. Hehehe. Unfortunately for you, we don’t know the answer. However, he did appear in the 2007 award-winning gay movie, Shelter.

Let us end this post with a pic of Albert from a Numero Homme photoshoot.

albert reed underwear numero homme

So, were you able to discern an answer to the question through the photos. Really hard to do, no?

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