Ray Quinn Shirtless and Body-Hugging Wet Shirt

Ray Quinn Shirtless Update. So what’s our favorite ice-dancing champion doing now? Looks like he’s doing pretty well! From his social media account (follow him on Instagram @rayquinn_uk), we learn that he is expecting with partner Emily Ashleigh. This will be his second kid after Harry Frank Quinn, his child with actress Emma Stephens.

By the way, we failed to mention in our 2017 update that Ray has continued his winning ways in reality TV competitions. He went back to Dancing on Ice in 2014 and won the trophy for the second time. A year later, he participated in a show called Get Your Act Together and won the whole damn thing, not as a dancer but as an impressionists. He sure knows how to win, doesn’t he? All he does is win, win, win.

ray quinn get your act together winner

With partner Emily Ashleigh:

ray quinn gay or girlfriend

ray quinn shirtless abs

And another shirtless photo of the singer, actor, and dancer.

ray quinn now what is he doing

Ray Quinn Shirtless and Underwear Photos (2017 Update). Wow. Time does fly past, doesn’t it fellow Famewatchers. We wrote this post back in March 2009. Eight years later, we are updating it to bring you some Ray Quinn shirtless photos.

ray quinn shirtless

We gotta say, our Ray is still looking good. He may have aged a bit — as we all did — but he’s still in pretty good shape, no? Check him out in his boxer briefs underwear. Looking good, Ray!

ray quinn underwear

Ray Quinn is Dancing on Ice Champion (23 March 2009). Look who’s got himself crowned as the winner of Dancing on Ice? It’s Ray “I’ve Got Great Abs” Quinn. Congratulations to you Ray and to your partner Maria Filippov. Now, please join them dudes modeling for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman campaign so your newly acquired washboard muscles would be immortalized in cool photos like these.

Ray Quinn Shirtless, Underwear, Washboard Abs, Body-Hugging Wet Shirt (4 March 2009). Dancing on Ice’s Ray Quinn is the anti-Paul “PJ” James. PJ, if you remember our earlier post on him, is this hunky trainer from Australia who decided to get fat so that he can better understand his clients.

ray quinn body hugging wet shirt

Ray Quinn, on the other hand, used to be a fatty but he has now built himself some really nice muscles in all the right places. We say, “Good for you, Mr. Quinn.” And we’re also gonna say, “Woof. Woof.”

What do you think is Ray’s workout routine like which gave him his fabulous and gorgeous muscle definition? If you know about it, do share it with us in the comments, will you?

ray quinn wet shirt

Oh, and don’t you just love Ray’s body-hugging wet shirt? This dude’s gonna win a wet shirt contest if ever he decides to join one. Want more sexy men in wet clothes?

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