AJ Pritchard Shirtless Strictly Dancer: Gay or Girlfriend?

AJ Pritchard Shirtless Photos. This post is for the Famewatchers among us looking for AJ Pritchard shirtless photos. AJ is one of the newbie professional dancers who are joining Strictly Come Dancing. You can say he’s a reality show veteran because he, along with dance partner Chloe Hewitt, competed a few years ago on Britain’s Got Talent. The pair made it all the way to the semi-finals.

Now that you know a few things about the guy, here’s the AJ Pritchard shirtless photos you are looking for:

aj pritchard shirtless strictly come dancing

By the way, we grabbed these photos from AJ’s Instagram account. If you want more, follow him on Instragram at @aj11ace. Here’s another shirtless AJ pic. The other guy is his brother Curtis Pritchard.


Our dancing hunk is tanned and sunburnt.

aj pritchard sexy sunburn

If our hubby is sculpted and has a six-pack like AJ, we wouldn’t mind if he takes shirtless selfies everywhere too. Hehe.


AJ with Strictly Come Dancing partner Claudia Fragapane, an artistic gymnast who bagged four gold medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Because of Claudia’s athletic background, the pair are the favorites to win the Strictly trophy.


Check out more AJ Pritchard shirtless photos after the jump.

Famewatcher Question: Do anyone of you happen to know what AJ stands for? Maybe Andrew Jackson? Or Anthony Joseph? Or maybe it stands for Abdul Jabbar? If you know, do tell in the comments.

But let’s go back ogling at these AJ Pritchard shirtless photos, shall we? Here’s one when he did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge which was all the rage a year ago. Apparently, our AJ wears Hugo Boss underwear.


AJ with long-time dance partner Chloe Hewitt who is also joining Strictly Come Dancing.


AJ and Chloe either preparing for or winding down after a show.


Another Famewatcher Qs: Does AJ have a girlfriend? Is he dating anyone? Is he gay or straight? Well, we do not know the answer to these Qs. If you know, do tell in the comments. We will update this post in the coming days when we find out the answers. Promise.

Meantime, let’s end this post with this photo of AJ Pritchard looking sweet, innocent, and gorgeous.


For some reason, the pic makes us want to tussle his hair and pinch his cheeks. Is it just us?

VIDEO UPDATE: AJ and Claudia’s first dance performance on Strictly.

Those of you wondering about AJ Pritchard’s height may guesstimate how tall he is from this video. According to wikipedia, Claudia is 137cm (4ft and 6in) tall. Now, if you watch the video, AJ is a head taller than Claudia which makes him taller by maybe about 15 to 18 cm (6 to 7 inches) than his partner. But Claudia is wearing high heels which added maybe 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) to her height. So our best guess is that AJ’s height is 165 cm (5ft, 6in) give or take 5cm (or 2 inches). What about you? What’s your AJ Pritchard height guesstimate?

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