Jeremy Sisto Underwear, Speedo, Shirtless Photos

Jeremy Sisto Underwear, Speedo, Shirtless Photos. Would it be considered a sin if we look at this photo of Jeremy Sisto as Jesus and go, “Whoa! How hawt is he? Hubba! Hubba!”? Deena says, “Of course not, it’s no sin tho think that.” Kevin says, “No! Not a sin! But Jeremy as Jesus ain’t hawt at all, so you should get your eyes checked.” On the other hand, our grandmama Anita went ballistic and shouted, “It’s not only a sin! There’s a special place in hell reserved for people like you who think of Jesus and any representation of Him (which Sisto is) in an ungodly way.”


Ordinarily, G’Mama would be outvoted but we usually give a greater weight to what she thinks on matters like this so we are turning to you fellow Famewatchers. Do you think Jeremy as the son of God is hawt and would you go hubba hubba with him? To help you decide, we give you this.

jeremy sisto as sexy jesus

G’Mama sez its bribery to be putting up that picture but if we’re going to hell anyway, we are not above bribery if it opens the eyes of our fellow Famewatchers. Hehe.

Although Jeremy is a hottie as Jesus H. Christ, he is what our male friends would call a “downer” or a “cold shower” as Julius Caesar.

jeremy sisto as caesar 2002

Jeremy as Caesar is the opposite of hawt and instead of saying “Hubba! Hubba!” we’re going with “Nobba! Nobba!” Harhar.

How about Jeremy as the crazy brother in Six Feet Under? Would you say “Hubba! Hubba” or “Nobba! Nobba!”? Whatever you say, we know you’ll agree that he is rocking his tighty whitie underwear.

jeremy sisto briefs tighty whities

Take two. [For another celebrity in tighty whitie, go check out our post on Zac Efron’s Tighty Whitie Underwear.]

Jeremy Sisto underwear - briefs in six feet under

Jeremy also rocks his Speedo swimsuit as you can see in his Men of Chatwin calendar photo from his hit sitcom, Suburgatory.

jeremy sisto mr december calendar underwear

Jeremy and his Suburgatory cast-makes Chris Parnell and Alan Tudyk posing for their calendar photoshoot.

jeremy sisto speedo with chris parnell and alan tudyk

This is so gay. We love it!

jeremy sisto sausage - suburgatory - so gay

Too bad they didn’t include our new TV boyfriend Parker Young to make this threesome a foursome.

jeremy sisto speedo - dads of chatwin - suburgatory

That’s it for now, folks. Kisses and cheers!

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